Exam Preparation: Tips to Prepare Revision Notes

Revision Notes

Exams of any grade are always challenging. If a proper strategy and study plan is prepared and followed, it is very easy for students to come out with flying colors in their exams.

If you are preparing smartly and efficiently, then nothing can come in your way of success.

Revision notes have to be prepared with proper concentration and focus. You will be depending on these notes during the exams. This has to be perfect and should cover all the important points. These are the best for revision during the exams as it is not possible to go through the chapters again because of insufficient time. The revision notes are the best way to help you go through the whole syllabus in a short period.

Benefits of the revision notes

  1. Helps to focus on the important topics.
  2. Revision notes will be prepared with the textbooks and the reference books. It saves time and avoids the hassle of going through all the books again.
  3. These are very handy for the last minute of studies.
  4. Writing down the points in the notes will help you to remember what you learned easily.
  5. These notes always will give you acquaintance with the topics.
  6. You can highlight the important points to be read or revised repeatedly.
  7. This is very helpful in the identification of the key elements in the chapter.
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How to make Revision notes?

We all have different study habits and also each individual has a different method of preparing notes. The revision notes have to contain all important points from the chapter. This has to be done with full concentration as you are going to have a last-minute quick revision through these notes. The notes are as important as the textbook. It is impossible to go through all the chapters when only a few days are left for your exams. During such times,  the revision notes will be a blessing for you. Prepare with full focus and concentration.

Tips to prepare the revision notes

Be familiar with the syllabus

The syllabus is vast with many chapters and concepts. Students should be aware of the syllabus and the important topics which have to be jotted down in the notes. They should know the important topics in each chapter. It is very important for students to know their weak and strong points and prepare the notes accordingly. They should be aware of the topics that they have to work hard on. These minute things will build high confidence levels in the students.

Just do not read the chapter once and prepare the notes.

You should read the chapter at least twice and know the important concepts and understand them. This will help you to know the significance of the topics and you will know what should be covered in your notes. Just writing anything will not work out and the notes that will be prepared will be of no use. Make sure your revision notes are properly prepared with all the important points and topics and they should be prepared with full concentration. You are going to do your last-minute revision with these notes so you can know how important it is.

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Method of learning

Each individual has different styles and methods of learning. You can adopt whatever is convenient and follow the method which you can understand. Some are comfortable with video learning, some with jotting down the points, etc. There is no hard and fast rule that a particular method is beneficial. They can follow any method as long as they understand the concepts and are comfortable with the techniques. The outcome of any learning method should be that the students are clear with the concepts and the syllabus.

Some more important tips for the revision notes

  1. If the subject you are studying has an important formula or equation, note it down and try to go through it daily.
  2. Don’t just note down many points and make your notes lengthy with too many pages for each chapter. This again becomes a textbook.
  3. Note down whatever you find difficult in solving or learning.
  4. If the subject contains illustrations, draw them in your notes so that you know the figures that you need to practice.
  5. Review the notes every day and also go through the chapters to see if anything is left out.
  6. It is very important to cover all topics without leaving a single topic.
  7. Make a timetable for revision.
  8. You can also make use of sticky notes to remind you of a few topics which you tend to forget.
  9. Use different colors to highlight the points in each topic, this will make you know the important points or topics to be revised.
  10. You should have a planning and learning pattern of your own in a way that is easy for you to understand. Don’t try to imitate the way others are doing as that might not be the way you will learn.
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Mock tests and sample question papers

Mock tests and the sample question papers are very important. This will help you to know exactly the topics on which you get stuck. This also will tell you the accuracy and the performance progress, knowing which you can focus the topics accordingly.

The methods and the tips depend on how you take it forward and the focus and concentration level you have. If these two are 100%, your success is guaranteed.

Proper sleep

Examination preparation does not mean that you spoil your sleep. Have a proper 7 to 8 hours sleep and wake up early with a fresh mind. It is very important to keep your mind and body fresh and full of energy.

Have a proper and healthy breakfast. Try to avoid junk food as this will spoil your appetite and you might spoil your health.

Make sure to abide by your study plan and strategy.

Be away from any distractions such as mobiles, social media, etc as these will make you lose concentration.

Don’t go for long hours of study, instead make it shorter with more sessions and with small breaks. This will motivate you and also the sessions become interesting.

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