10 Ways to Split PDF Files Without Software

split pdf online free

One of the tools commonly used for our PDF formatted files is the Splitting tool. The Split tool is used to break apart a PDF file into or extracting a certain page into another PDF file. By splitting a PDF file, the files would be smaller in file size individually. This somehow makes sending and attaching our files easier and quicker.

There are a lot of available online platforms that could split our PDF files. These online platforms offer a wide variety of tools that we could utilize for our PDF files; one of these is the Splitting tool, which is a basic necessity for a user like us. Here are some of the online-based platforms that offer. 


PDFBear made splitting easier by just accessing them online. At the same time, we could use it anytime and on any device, to any primary operating system like Windows, Mac, or Linux. They have a very secure platform where they delete every file one hour after we uploaded them. The best thing about this is that we can split PDF online free of charge.

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Adobe Acrobat

Can Adobe Acrobat split PDF files? It has one of the best splitter tools. We can choose to split our PDF files by the number of pages, the size of the files, or the bookmarks. With Adobe Acrobat, we could also split multiple PDFs at once and customize our extracted files. The downside is that Adobe Acrobat is not free and may confuse other users since they have many options.


Sejda has multiple options for splitting our PDF files. We can also break our PDF using only the URL. Using their platform, we could download our extracted files to Dropbox, Google Drive, or our discs. One of the advantages is that we could perform it on any browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and any operating system. Although when using their online platform, we are only limited to 200 pages per PDF and files should not be larger than 50MB.


Smallpdf like most other online PDF platforms, they have lots of free PDF tools we can use and have an understandable instruction on how to utilize their tools and it’s effortless to use that everyone can take advantage of it. With their splitting tool, we can choose to make individual pages of a PDF file and download it separately. Although it’s free, we are only allowed to process two PDFs every hour.

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Their online platform, iLovePDF, has one of the easiest ways and fastest ways of splitting our PDF files; the instructions are straightforward. On their website, when we upload our PDF files to get it split, we are then given two options: First is the Split By Range, where they merge all extracted PDFs into one, and second is the Extract All Pages, where they split pages individually. But iLovepdf does not have an option to delete just specific pages.

PDFElement Professional

PDFElement Professional offers a lot of tools on their platform. They have large page previews with multiple splitting options with self-explanatory options that work with Mac and Windows. With these great tools available, PDFElement Professional is not free to use and only supports two operating systems.

A-PDF Split

A-PDF Split has most likely the same features as other online PDF platforms. But, A-PDF Split has an “Advanced define” option where you can quickly remove the middle pages. The downside to this is that it is also not free and does not have a built-in PDF viewer.  

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Soda PDF

Soda PDF is available online and in software, so you could use it anytime, even without the internet. The platform has a simple interface and has multiple splitting options, and it connects to cloud storage. It has a limited free version available, but they have an expensive monthly subscription that would cost us greatly and do not have PDF encryption.

PDF Converter

PDF Converter is one of the reliable online platforms available for our PDF needs. They have seamless tools and are easy to use, and we are also able to drag and drop files. Though we can use their tools for free once an hour, so it is not very time-friendly to most users. And PDF Converter does not integrate with cloud storage.


Given all these online platforms for our PDF needs, some platforms would be very much advantageous to most users since they have higher upload and download capacity provided the same amount of quality to each file. Therefore, we should choose a suitable PDF platform carefully and which would not cost us a lot of money.

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