What is CSM, who can do that, advantages and how to get certified?

CSM Exam

CSMĀ  is a exam taken by candidates who are beginners in management career. It is a bit tough certification which can be cleared by following certain tips for the same.

Tips for CSM Exam

Have a good sound sleep of minimum 8 hours the night before the exam

As the saying goes, an exhausted body cannot entertain a relaxed mind. It is very advisable for you to be not only physically but also mentally fresh during the exam. After all, you need to be prepared to focus for a minimum of 4 hours and answer all the questions correctly as far as possible. You should try to prevent the last minute tremors. Sound sleep for 8 hours before the exam gives the much required rest to move new resources from short-term to longer-term power where it is needed.

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Reach your destination or the exam center with one hour or one and a half hours in hand

It is important for you to get to the exam center earlier, say an hour before. To be on the safer side, you should visit your exam center some days before the exam day. This would surely enhance you to gather the right amount of time that is needed to reach the location on the exam day, as various factors like traffic as well as mode of transport surely play a vital role for you to get to the center on time.

Hold all the things that you require

Even if you think that you already know what to take with you to the exam center but it is advisable for you to communicate with the exam center a day before the exam and precisely confirm about what you should take with you on that day. It is important for you to carry your identification card which has your photo or ID proof and possibly a print out of your exam verification page.

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You should eat healthy but light food on the exam day

You are all well aware of the difference between light food and heavy food. Heavy food will make you feel sleepy while light food will just fill up the vacancy of the stomach and keep you going for hours. This is a very important suggestion to eat healthy yet light food so that there shall be no such problems of stomach ache, migraine or any such health ailments on the exam day. This can be a vital as well as advisable weapon for all the candidates.Have an idea of the mock exam software platform

You need to watch the 15 minutes long video which is a mock exam software platform to make you familiar with the exam software before you start to write your CSM exam to get CSM certification.

Brain dump(an essential point)

It consists of a list of activity which you require to memorize quickly during the exam, like quality accessories, kinds of powers of a project manager in a project management sector, make sequences and many more.

Make a formal demand for headphones

Most of the exam centers allow headphones to prevent outside barriers like heavy sound or noise. You can ask for one to your exam invigilator. Although it might not look like an important factor, it will surely benefit you and protect you from the surrounding sounds as well as help you to focus on completing your exam well on or before the scheduled time.

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You need to calm down

A calm mind is the most entertained aspect of a human especially during such exams. Therefore you need to relax well before the exam in order to get through all the possible difficulties and complete the exam with ease.

Complete aspects of CSM

PMP is a vast field and requires the candidates to be well equipped with all the terminologies so that there remains no ambiguity while completing the exam in real time.

Self belief as well as support

This might seem a worthless point but is as important as the guide of CSM itself because there has been no success in any field without the self belief as well as positive background support of the candidate.


Hence, these are the 10 precise points and tips to be kept in mind for an aspiring CSM candidate for the exam day.

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