CBSE Class 12 Physics Paper Preparation Tips By Experts

physics class 12

Physics is one of the most important subjects in class 12 if you have PCM or PCMB. For scoring well in your boards’ examination it is important to do well in this subject. The good thing about physics is that, unlike Maths, it also has a theoretical part and practical questions making it one of the most scoring subjects. All you need is to be well versed with the concepts and be able to apply these concepts practically.  Since you have a year to prepare for the boards it is best to start making sure that your conceptual clarity is strong for the subject from day to avoid any hassle at the end of the year 

Other than preparing well you also need to know the methods of smart studying. Along with working hard for the board examinations, it is also crucial to have a strategic study plan and move accordingly in the preparations. Time management, good concentration, dedication and focus are a few things you need to ace your preparation and exams. Also scoring good marks in Physics in the board exam can also help you to have good career options that will prove beneficial in life ahead. 

To help you put your best foot forward in the exam, we have tried to bring to you some of the best advice from the expert minds that can help you score high. Find them below:-

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Go through Model answer copy

Understanding questions is important but learning the trick to answer them accurately is the best way to prepare for your exams. Model answer copy is provided to help students with the art of writing answers with high accuracy and good explanation that helps the examiner understand the answers better. The presentation style, neatness and way of explaining things can be well comprehended with model answer copy. So it is a must to analyze the Physics model answer copy before you appear for your board examination as it can help you fetch good marks with only a little effort of yours.

Pick up NCERT Books for Class 12

The only must-have for the board examination is NCERT books. It is considered best for CBSE as you can gain strong conceptual clarity from it. The explanation is easy, the difficulty level is apt and also buying NCERT books can be quite affordable. Make sure for your preparation you have NCERT Books for Class 12 Physics PDF to study from any time. Also, over the years it has been seen that for CBSE boards only NCERT books are reliable as maximum questions are from NCERT only. It is possible that you might feel like referring to the other reference books. Even if you decide to refer to them make sure you don’t end up forgetting NCERT books.

Analyse the pattern of the exam

Board exams are important and not only studying but also analyzing the exam pattern is a thing you must do. Understanding exam patterns helps you give an edge over the competitors. It also helps you to be prepared for it in advance which can help you to feel comfortable during the exams. There are a few ways by which you can analyze and come to know about the pattern of the exam. Previous year question papers, mock tests, model answer books and pre boards. All these things can help you understand your Physics exam better 

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Make diagrams in the exam wherever needed

Making diagrams will help you support answers in the exam as diagrams aid in explanation and makes the answer sheet more impressive. After making the diagram it is also important to label the diagram as without it the diagram will not help you fetch marks. Practise making and labelling diagrams during your preparation level as this will help you to make diagrams in exams with ease and without wasting a lot of time.

Write in points more 

It is always advisable to make answers look more readable and presentable. The examiner should be able to grasp your explanation easily. If in case the examiner ends up spending a lot of time on your answer sheet, the examiner might not feel motivated to give you maximum marks. So instead of writing the long answers in paragraphs, it is best to write in points. Also, try to highlight the part of the answers that you feel is most important. You can underline the important points. Refrain from using overly dramatic highlighting techniques in exams.

Create a topic wise list of formulas

A topic-wise list of formulas will not only help you to revise but will also save a lot of time of yours. Formulas are essential in scoring well in the exam and the formulas of class 12 might get a bit more lengthy. So make sure that you have a list made ready for all topics. The other thing to do is that as soon as you complete a topic, try to also revise the formulas at the same time as this will help you to have a thorough revision of the complete topic. Also, you will be able to calculate faster once you have revised the formulas nicely, saving time to focus on every question better. 

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Don’t forget the practicals

Practicals carry 30 marks and these marks are no less when we talk about boards. Many times what you learn in practicals is also helpful in boards as it is also part of the syllabus. Scoring good marks in practice can definitely give you an edge in your overall percentage. Also, only with some effort will you be able to score good marks so for your boards’ preparation, don’t forget to target these practical marks.


These preparation tricks and tips for physics can really help you to enhance your preparation level. Do give them a try and at the same time always keep NCERT books handy even when you are referring to any other Physics book for your exam. In the end, boards are all about hard work and conceptual clarity and these things can give you high success. Best of luck.