Borussia’s worst Transfers: Ciro Immobile

ciro immobile

Ciro Immobile is one of the best scorers in the history of Serie A, who has won the title of top scorer of the tournament three times. By the way, live football scores from the world of this competition are available on the sports statistics website.

As for Immobile, the career of the forward has not always been successful. It should be noted that Ciro had a convincing season 2013/2014, during which he distinguished himself 22 times in Serie A with “Torino”. This performance helped him become Serie A’s top scorer for the first time. At the time, “Borussia” decided to acquire the Italian as a substitute for Robert Lewandowski, who was just leaving for “Bayern”.

The bet on the Italian forward did not justify itself. He made a lot of mistakes, often lost the ball and failed to convert the right moments. All this coincided with Borussia’s crisis of play. The team, which had been the main rival of “Bayern” for 5 years, was frankly unsuccessful that season. In its first half the club was in the relegation zone. And it is easy to follow the current live scores of all football games with his participation on the sports statistics website.

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Immobile played well only in the Champions League. He scored four goals in the group stage. However, over the entire Bundesliga season, the forward scored only 3 goals. Obviously, this did not please the “BVB” club bosses, and in summer 2015, they sold the Italian to “Sevilla” at the first opportunity.

In Spain, Immobile did not do well either, but in his native Serie A, he was able to revive his career, proving to everyone that he is an excellent scorer.

Why didn’t the Italian play in Germany

In general, the Italian is simply not experienced enough. After one successful season in Serie A, he immediately moved to a team that sets high goals, where there is very serious pressure on the players. By the way, today football score of games involving Borussia can be tracked on the sports statistics website. 

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Some of the reasons for Immobile’s failure in Germany include:

  1. The style of German soccer, which is somewhat different from that preferred in Italy. There are less tactics, but more fighting and pressing. The forward was clearly not ready for that.
  2. Misunderstanding between Immobile and Jurgen Klopp. Because of them, he was seldom in his team’s starting line-up in the second half of the season.
  3. High competition in the team’s attacking line-up. At that time, the club had Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Marko Royce and a number of other players. There was naturally not enough space on the pitch for all of them.
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Overall, Immobile remembers his time in Germany as a bad dream. It is good that the forward found himself at “Lazio”. By the way, today all football scores of the team are presented on a proven platform. With this club, the forward managed to become a landmark scorer not only in Serie A, but also the entire European soccer.

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