Where to Buy Ripple?


XRP is one of the most traded crypto assets, ranked 6th on the top 10 digital assets ranking. XRP is Ripple crypto – the platform that enables fast and cheap cross-border money transfers based on blockchain. The XRP token facilitates the conversion of currencies and their transfer worldwide. In other words, Ripple XRP is an intermediary asset taking part when one currency is converted into another for its further delivery at any point in the world.

Ripple price is $0,4232, and it does not change much during significant market trends changes. The reason is the Ripple Lab company has judicial proceedings with SEC. The court case has been lasting for many years now and obviously slows down the development of the Ripple platform.

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However, despite all the issues it has with SEC, some large financial companies have already implemented the RIpple technology into their work processes. Ripple is a technologically rich project that can expand and receive widespread use in the future. That is also the reason why many investors buy XRP and hold it in the long term.

To buy Ripple, you can use a centralized crypto exchange WhiteBIT.

Advantages of Buying On WhiteBIT

It is a young crypto platform with an excellent reputation. WhiteBIT functions officially and complies with European jurisdiction. The exchange is focused on users’ safety and experience. It offers over 400 crypto pairs and also pairs with fiat currencies.

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WhiteBIT trading tools:

  • futures trading
  • margin
  • leverage
  • spot
  • DEX
  • codes
  • staking
  • etc.

All these trading features are available to registered and verified users. 

The exchange offers convenient crypto charts where you can watch the Ripple price fluctuations in different timeframes. Also, you can practice trading using a demo account. It is beneficial for those who only begin their journey into the crypto world.