Is it Legal to Earn Money Playing Block Puzzle?

block puzzle

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, online gaming has gained huge traction. The online gaming world has exploded in popularity in a few short decades, and it is estimated to reach $196 billion by 2022 in revenue

Among the games enjoyed by avid and casual gamers, Block Puzzle stands out because it offers unlimited fun and engagement. It is a puzzle game that seemingly appears simple on the surface but requires great strategizing to clear the blocks and win the game. What’s more, you can even earn money and cash rewards playing Block Puzzle. 

If you want to play Block Puzzle but are worried about the legality of the game or how it works, keep reading to clear your doubts.  

What is Block Puzzle and how does it work?

Block Puzzle is an interesting but simple game that is highly addictive. Once you start playing the game, it’ll not be easy to stay away from it for a long time. It is the perfect game to kill your boredom and stay engaged. Furthermore, playing the game can sharpen your brain as it is a puzzle game that tests your IQ and makes your brain work harder to solve the puzzle and clear the board. 

In the game, you need to arrange the blocks given on the board. You might notice a differently shaped board every time you start playing the game. It would help if you placed the blocks perfectly on the board, and only then can you advance to the next level and beat your competition. The game will get difficult as you continue playing, and the puzzles will become harder to solve. But with a bit of strategizing and rational thinking, you can win the game. 

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Block Puzzle is a strategic game where you need skills to win the game. You cannot place the blocks anywhere on the board, but they need to be placed perfectly so that the board can be cleared. You have to study the board and think about which block fits perfectly in which area of the board. 

To play the game, you need to drag the blocks and place them on the board. You can clear the stage when you have filled the entire board. 

While the game has been around since before the smartphone era, playing it on your mobile allows you to connect with other online players and win cash prizes. 

The legality of earning money playing Block Puzzle 

It is not illegal to earn money and cash rewards by playing Block Puzzle. As you win the games, money will be transferred to your account instantly, and you can withdraw it. However, you must ensure to play the game on a platform that offers 100% security and safety. Since real money is involved, it is always good to do your research and choose a platform that provides several transaction options like bank transfer, PayPal, Apple Pay and debit/credit cards. 

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However, there are some states in the USA where cash games are not allowed. If you are a resident of MD, WA, NV, MI, AZ, LA, CT, AR, SC, MT, TN and SD, you can enjoy the free version of Block Puzzle. In these states of the USA, earning money through games is still restricted, and therefore, might be deemed as illegal. It is best if you enjoy the practice or free games of Block Puzzle. 

If you live anywhere other than the states mentioned, you can enjoy both practice and cash games. You can even participate in cash contests and tournaments to increase your earnings. 

Tips to increase your chances of winning Block Puzzle 

Plan ahead 

Often, players find themselves too focused on trying to clear columns and rows mindlessly. They end up placing blocks without thinking and soon find themselves stuck. It is not a good idea to mindlessly place blocks as they come, and you need to plan ahead. If you get stuck, it is an advantage for your opponent. 

Planning your moves and always trying to stay a few blocks ahead will get you going until the game ends. In the Block Puzzle game, you can see three sets of blocks after you have placed all the blocks from the old set. So, plan your moves properly and in advance to effectively make use of the blocks. 

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Clear multiple columns and rows 

You can increase your points by clearing as many lines as you can. If you can simultaneously clear multiple columns and rows, you may even earn bonus points. But it would help if you did not solely focus on clearing columns and rows without thinking about where to place the blocks that come next. You must always think carefully about the placement of the blocks so that you don’t find yourself stuck as the game proceeds. Also, focus on clearing more than one line so that you can score more than your opponent. 

Work the corners of the board

If you wish to build a high score, you must ensure that your game doesn’t end quickly. This is why it is a good idea to strategize and stay longer in the game. A good strategy is to keep the game going, and you can do so by starting to place the blocks from the corner. Use all the corners, and then work your way into the game. It will give you horizontal and vertical options on all of your moves. You can even fit blocks mindfully so that there are no blank cells left in between. As you get the hang of this strategy and practice a few games to master this tactic, you can see your scores increasing. 

So, whether you are feeling bored or wish to earn some extra cash, playing Block Puzzle is the ultimate way to satiate your requirements. Download and get started right away! 

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