Top 6 Movies to Learn Spanish

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If you are planning to learn the Spanish language as your second language, then you must know what kinds of difficulties you will have to face and in what ways this language can help you in travel, and general studies, or career prospects. Nevertheless, knowing the benefits of a second language are worthwhile. Many popular language tutors available online like AmazingTalker that you can use to learn a native second language. These tools offer one-on-one native Spanish Tutors, English Tutors, and other tutors to improve your respective Spanish, English, and other languages.


By learning Spanish, you can easily travel the countries and do foreign studies where Spanish is taught as the subject. Besides this, learning Spanish adds credibility to your career profile and increases your worth in the global market. However, learning Spanish is not as easy as you think, you have to deal with boring lessons, dull GD sessions, etc. You watch Spanish movies to make your learning process fun and enjoyable. Through Spanish movies, you not just learn the words but also learn the accent, body language, and culture of Spanish people. But the availability of content makes it difficult to find the right content, which content to choose to improve language skills! Right? 


To help you in this, we bring you the list of the top 6 movies you can use to learn Spanish.

Top 6 Movies to Learn and Improve Your Spanish 

Subtitle 1: Diez Minuto (Ten Minutes)

Diez Minuto is a short film revolving around a phone call between a customer support executive and his customer that appears to be a simple conversation but concludes with a thrilling and suspenseful journey in which a man wants a phone number desperately, but he has only ten mins. This short film is best for intermediate and novice Spanish learners. You will get lots of different terms, outrageous expressions, how to ask and share details with others, and various vocab beneficial for conversation.

Subtitle 2: El orfanato (The orphanage)

El orfanato is perfect for beginners to expert Spanish learners. It is a Spanish gothic supernatural horror fiction movie revolving around a mother who is looking to reopen an orphanage of handicapped children where she spent her childhood. Soon after, her son starts talking to someone invisible. In this movie, you will find various kinds of terminologies, phases, and sayings that you can use in daily-life communication. For instance, one of its dialogues ” Es normal, no te preocupes. Está solo, está aburrido.” means ” It is normal, do not worry. He is lonely, he is bored.” can help you improve your daily life communication.

Subtitle 3: Volver (Return)

Pivoting an unorthodox family of women from a breeze-moped area south of Madrid. Raimunda is a working-class lady pushed to go to great heights to save her 14 yr old daughter Paula. On top of that, Raimunda’s late mother Irene returns from the dead to clear up unsolved matters. The three generations of women’s lifestyle will help you know more about the Spanish lifestyle, culture, and accents. It is a perfect Spanish movie to upscale your Spanish vocab, grammar, sayings, idioms, and culture.

Subtitle 4: A tres metros Sobre el Cielo (Three meters over the sky)

This movie features two young individuals named Hugo and Babi. Hugo loves speed, fighting, & Bikes. On the other hand, Babi is looking for the love of her life. They both belong to different worlds and have 2 very different lifestyles. A tres metros Sobre el Cielo (3 meters over the sky) is a fast-paced, enjoyable film perfect for beginner and intermediate Spanish learners to easily follow up the plot and expand their Spanish vocab and idiom terminologies.

Subtitle 5: Perfectos desconocidos (Perfect Strangers)

Join the thrilling game with seven lifelong friends for dinner at a blood-red moon eclipse. The game involves reading 7 incoming mobile messages. The game quickly turns into a thrilling wild ride full of twists and turns in this humour and a series of disclosures that gives away the secrets of their personal lives. This movie is perfect for learning small communicative Spanish vocab and terms and is the perfect Spanish exercise for beginner to expert Spanish learners.

Subtitle 6: Mar Adentro (Seaside)

Ramón Sampedro is a ship technician and loves to do poetry in his free time. The movie shows the real story of Ramón Sampedro’s 30 yr struggle for the legal right to till his death. Ramón Sampedro develops close affinities with his lawyer Julia and his friend Rosa, who attempts to persuade him that his life is worth living. Even against all odds, Ramon was able to encourage those near him to spend their life to the fullest. In this movie, you will learn the proper use of Spanish imperative and Subjunctive. Also, many legal and other formal Spanish terms and expressions to your Spanish lessons to the next level. The Mar Adentro movie is best for intermediate or expert learners.Conclusion: 

Learning a new language, particularly for a grown-up who hardly has time to do practice sessions, is so painful. Also, for many foreign learners who find Spanish their second language, it makes it even more difficult for them because it is completely new to them. So watch these top 6 movies to learn Spanish and ease up your mind with all the boring, dull classroom lectures. This also makes your Spanish improve while relaxing and enjoying yourself with blockbuster Spanish movies of all time. So, why not give it a try? 
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