Where Can You Play Free Slots Online in Different Countries?

free online slots

Online casinos have been around since the early days of the internet. And now, they have become a great sort of entertainment for thousands of people around the globe. In recent years, the availability of online casinos has also made them accessible to many more people, who can simply enter them through their web browser and play casino games. Among the most enjoyable casino games are slot machines, and you can try them for free at KAZINOEKSTRA.COM. And don’t forget to check the bonus section in order to find the best deals with the best Bulgarian online casinos. 

But are there free slot machines? The answer is yes. You can find and play free slots wherever you are as long as you have a smartphone or other device and internet connection. In what follows below, we will share with you some of the best websites where you can find free slots and bonuses to enjoy the free gameplay of the newest and top-rated slot games. 

Where Can You Play Online Slots?

Nowadays, you can play online slot machines from any place globally as online gambling rapidly expands. Online casinos drag interests, and countries find benefits in their legalization. But each state has its strict laws and regulations regarding online betting and casino games. For example, in most USA states, you will need 18+ to make a sports bet and 21+ to play slots and other casino games. 

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Another bright example is Europe, where online gambling and slots are legal. But there is one thing you should be aware of. In most countries of Europe, the casinos must have a license by the local authorities. So, you should inspect if the online casino has a license to avoid scams. 

But there are still countries where online gambling is forbidden. Have you heard of Russia? All sorts of gambling in Russia were banned back in 2009, but this couldn’t stop punters. Legal or not, players are using proxies and offshore operators to slots and other casino games. 

Free Slot Machines 

The main difference between the free online slots and those with real money is simple. The slots with real money give players the opportunity to win big prizes and catch a jackpot by playing jackpot slots. But still, you have to deposit money and risk it to make more. This often scares and pushes back the newbie casino players or those who seek just entertainment.

Note that every slot machine can be played for free without any additional deposits. All the game providers offer a demo version of the games they provide. This means that every player can open the slot machine with a free demo wallet and spin the reels. This eliminates the chance of a real money reward, but still, the experience stays the same. Another reason why people prefer playing free online slot machines is because they aren’t frustrating. You can spend hours spinning virtual money and testing the payouts of a particular slot machine. Most players always try their games in the demo version in order to make sure that the game fits their style. 

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Best Websites for Free Slot Machines

But to play free slots, you have to know which is the best website for your region. Precisely for this reason, we got one suggestion for the USA and several for Europe. 

According to the latest rankings, 888casino is one of the USA’s most visited online casino websites. At their websites, you can choose between hundreds of real-money and free slot machines. Moreover, the website offers no deposit bonuses for US players. This will allow you to receive free spins on a selected slot and win real money on it. There are some limited-time offers, so make sure to check out the actual bonus offers. 

For Europe, we have suggested Winbet and Bet365. Both casinos are trendsetters in the iGaming industry. Moreover, both of them are long enough in the market to understand the intentions of the players. On their websites, you can find thousands of slot machines from the best game-developing companies. Among them, you can spot names like EGT, CT Gaming, Amatic, Pragmatic Play, and many more. Unfortunately, there aren’t any no deposit bonuses, but still, there are plenty of offers. If you are a new player, you shouldn’t forget about the first deposit bonus, which will usually double the deposited sum. Also, if you have friends interested in the casino, you can refer them and win additional rewards from the referral programs, which both casinos offer. 

Benefits of The Free Online Slots

Playing free slots machines won’t make you rich for sure. But playing demo slot machines has some benefits that may be useful for the future. 

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Learn while playing

Enjoying free slot machines will assist you in learning the game while playing it and increase your chances of a win if you play with real money. This way, you can build an individual strategy and apply it. However, most slots are based on luck, and you just have to wait for your chance. But if you can feel the machine and know when to stop the reels, you will be the king of the casino. 

Explore The Bright Diversity of Games

If you want to play slots and actually earn something out of it, you must learn the games and what they offer. But this is not an easy as it sounds. There are thousands of slot games, and the decision will be hard. But you can always use the free slot machines and explore the game. Moreover, you can collect a list of games that you like the most and play them free or with real money. This way, when you get bored, you can get back to those games without the need to search for a new game that will match your playstyle. 

Win With Bonuses

After selecting several games and knowing their rules, you can start winning on them for free. You can take advantage of the no deposit bonuses that some casinos offer to their users and earn real money. Usually, these bonuses are under free spins, but you can use other bonuses also. Every online casino has a first deposit bonus, loyalty programs, weekly bonuses, and more. These bonuses allow players to win more with fewer deposits. And in the end, both sides are happy.

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