How To Better Engage Employees Through E-Learning


When it comes to employee engagement, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. However, e-learning can play a crucial role in helping you to improve communication, motivate your workforce, and connect with your employees on a more personal level.

In this article, we’ll outline the benefits of using e-learning for employee engagement and provide you with some tips on how to make the most of this powerful technology.

Promote a More Interactive Environment

By using online games and eLearning tools and trends, your training aim is far easier to measure. With gamified approaches, you can quickly gain insight into employee engagement levels and skills needs.

So instead of promoting general knowledge, focus on specific reward scenarios.

 For example, video puzzles like iQmakerz or Quizup, the Brain Genie program, have been consistently proven to improve recall and retention.

Also, make sure that the reward scenario suits your employees. For example, reward them for their ability to understand the process, or aim for something more personal. 

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Encourage collaboration and teamwork

By incorporating technology into your training, you can tailor the learning experience to be more collaborative and team-based. For example, if you’re delivering something collaborative, such as a series of PowerPoint or flipchart lectures, then use online discussion forums to share your content with staff.

Thanks to LMS vendors like DigitalChalk, you can benefit from the software’s ability to host live relevant discussion forums and have responses delivered by your employees within minutes. 

All this plays an important role in collaboration and teamwork and learning retention. Staff post questions, share knowledge on a forum and then compile updated slides, etc. It will all make long-term employee training a lot more engaging and interactive!

Make Online Training Part of your Company Culture

Instilling a culture of continuous online training throughout your organization is vital to ensure employee learning effectively.

Only by integrating online training into your company culture you’re providing a platform for employees to share their expertise and experience.

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Ultimately, this essential aspect of online learning will develop strong teams, increase overall skill set of employees, and team collaboration. It is an easy, inexpensive way of building a sense of belonging among staff and engendering team spirit!

All this will also help your company to become more proactive and able to expect growth needs.

Integrate Scenerios into training programs

By going beyond just training the employee on functional computer skills and other specific applications, you can also integrate real-life work situations into course modules within your eLearning platform so that employees feel a sense of ownership over work.

This helps employees to improve their skill sets and widen their experience. As employees feel increasingly valued and rewarded for their efforts, they’re more likely to put in the extra efforts as paid employees.

This translates into higher retention and market share within your target demographic. After all, deeper satisfaction comes from being able to make yourself useful to the company

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Ask for response and give feedback

Employees can provide their response through communication channels, such as email or in-person collaboration. They also may choose to comment anonymously on the course content by posting to an online forum or starting a discussion group over social media with other employees who have already certified from the course.

Offering your employees a voice, you make them feel more valued. Not only that, but you can learn a lot from the comments they provide. 

Your employees are often significant sources of feedback on audience demand patterns, course content and format. The information is useful when planning new programs and services for future use or revising existing ones.

Blog Conclusion

Employee engagement is a critical factor in any business as it helps to drive productivity and satisfaction levels. By implementing effective e-learning solutions, you can help your employees learn new skills and knowledge, form stronger relationships with their co-workers, and enhance their overall productivity. Are you currently using e-learning to better engage your employees? Let us know in the comments below!