Gambling | Passion or Fear?

Gambling Games

What is gambling? In fact this is any kind of game or activity where you risk your money trying to win more money. But why is it so gripping?

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People who like gambling why do they play it?

Talking about gambling we don’t always mean going to a casino, because gambling includes such entertainments as lotteries, Bingo, betting on private sports, betting on pool or billiards, dice, video lottery terminals, internet gambling. But lottery doesn’t sound like something that could cause you any addictive problems. And that is why adults offer lottery tickets and scratch cards to their children just for fun even though these activities are for adults only. That is how without realizing it adults sometimes push their children to gambling addiction. Research shows that many problem gamblers got their addiction at the age of 9-12 years after being introduced to gambling by family members. 

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But gambling doesn’t always mean an illness. Most people gamble just for fun and don’t experience gambling problems, planning the amount of money they can lose.

What do people get out of gambling?

We know that people liked to gamble throughout history, as evidence we have some ancient Egyptian dice found dating 2000BC! Gambling has always accompanied people giving them bright emotions and much adrenaline. 

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It is widely believed that people gamble to get a fast buck but that is not the only reason. People play first for fun and excitement and only then comes money interest. While people who have gambling problems do it to escape from reality and their problems. 

Such addiction is very risky and dangerous as it causes you problems with health, relationship, money and what is most important – mental health that can sometimes even lead to suiside. This tragic example shows how imperceptibly gambling addiction can steal your life: 

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Why pay attention to these games? What does poker develop?

If we don’t go to extremes talking about mental illness we can say that gambling can teach you much. Let’s take poker as an example.

  • Math. Indeed poker is a game of math. You will need to calculate bet sizes right. 
  • Attention to details. This skill will give you clues to your opponents’ weaknesses. Every detail, every move and action is important. 
  • Patience and Composure. Self-discipline will save you from making wrong choices based on emotions either from bad luck and losing everything or from a winning hand that gives a feeling of being unstoppable. 
  • Decision-making. Poker is a game where you have to make tough choices every move. This game is about risks and confidence overcoming doubts and uncertainty. 
  • Adapting to situations. You always have different number of players, chip stacks and player personalities. So even if the cards were the same each time you will plunge into an absolutely new story.
  • Dealing with randomness. You can make perfect decisions yet still your opponent may have the best hand, or just luck may be on his side. So it’s important to analyze what you do and worry only about things you can control.

How do you win at the casino after all?

To win at the casino you will need not only luck but to be well prepared too. 

  • Choose the best casinos ( those who have licence, various payment methods, quality bonuses)
  • Plan the budget you can spend, taking into account that you may lose all 
  • Find the best bonuses that casinos may offer
  • Find the most comfortable payment method for you
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As we see, gambling is not just an entertainment. On the one hand it can develop and train many useful skills but on the other hand it can drag some people into serious addiction or leave you without money. So before going big on a casino you should prepare well and watch carefully if you know and can stop when it is needed.