How do I prepare for the Azure Exam?

Azure Exam

If you want to get your Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification in 2021 but aren’t sure how to prepare, you’ve come to the correct place.

Because of the numerous benefits, the cloud has become a critical aspect of practically every IT business in recent years. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and other IT companies offer cloud services. On the other hand, Microsoft is a leader in the cloud area, too, with its most popular cloud platform, Azure. Meanwhile, Microsoft provides an Azure certification to help you become acknowledged as a cloud computing professional while also landing you a high-paying job. According to statistics, Microsoft Azure Certified professionals earn 15 to 20 percent more than those who are not certified.

According to Microsoft, it’s never been a better time to learn Azure and get cloud certified. As Azure continues to grow, cloud skills remain in high demand. When it comes to finding cloud employment, certifications can help. But how do you begin? An Azure certification requires preparation, however. Some advice on how to pass the Microsoft Azure certification exam is provided below.

This Azure Architect training course is an excellent place to start if you’re interested in learning more about cloud computing, especially on the Microsoft Azure side.

What is Microsoft Azure?

In the past, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform was called Windows Azure. It delivers a range of cloud services, including computation, analytics, storage, and networking. Business owners may use the Azure platform to help them manage difficulties and reach organization-wide goals. Because of its flexibility, users are free to choose their tools and technologies.

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Let’s dive into how to prepare for the Azure exam.

Choose the proper Azure exam and certification

Choose the certification path and exam that are best for you. Numerous exams and industry certifications are available. Microsoft’s role-based certifications are connected with key market and industry job categories, making it easy to select the right one. According to where you are in your career and where you are headed, choosing the proper one for yourself makes sense. Find the required examinations for the certification you’re interested in.

Be familiar with the format of the test

To pass the exam, you’ll need to know about the exam format and method. It will help you analyze what sort of questions are asked in the exam and pass with flying colors. To get excellent content, you can search via a variety of primary sites on the Internet. Meanwhile, it is better to read the Microsoft Azure Official Documentation provided on the certification page. You can get all the information about each topic and exam prerequisites and resources in this documentation. It will help you in finding the suitable learning route and obtaining the appropriate guidance. The exam questions vary per certification, such as Development, Data Science. It would help if you studied for the exam according to the certificate you’re aiming to achieve, as well.

The learning process

To study these issues, students can take advantage of both free and paid resources available online. Aspirants can learn about concepts like Powershell, storage, app service, SQL database through courses offered on platforms.

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Aspirants can also prepare for the certifications by reading blogs on various cloud topics. Self-learning courses, including videos and PowerPoint presentations, can be used for learning. Mock and practice tests are also available to learners.

Many private institutes offer unique Azure Architect training programs to aspirants. Specific certifications demand special competence in various sectors related to particular work categories when using complex cloud systems. When it comes to big ideas like cloud computing, understanding the principles is one of the most important things. Aspirants seeking certification can also study prior year’s exam papers to gain a complete understanding of the material. 

You can use course materials, books, and documentation blogs to delve into specific technology issues. Learners can also check out Microsoft’s official materials on their site. Social media networks and other platforms are excellent places to discuss how candidates can prepare.

Involve to get hands-on experience

The most excellent way to learn is through doing! To gain practical knowledge about Microsoft Azure, you must gain some hands-on experience with the technology. The best way to make your understanding more effective is to apply it to a real system, rather than just reading books, attending lectures, watching tutorials. Aside from creating an account for free, Microsoft offers different hands-on labs where you can practice with the newest cloud products and services in a real environment and increase your cloud skills at no cost. The ability to practice and apply skills in real-world circumstances will make you more proficient with the technology.

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Try to do practice tests

Regardless of the test or certification, a practice paper is always regarded as one of the best ways to evaluate your knowledge and abilities. Microsoft’s approved practice papers are encouraged. However, you can also prepare by using other credible resources. So, you will have a deep understanding of all the significant areas of the Microsoft Azure Certification exam. It helps you get familiar with the actual exam pattern, such as the time restriction, the type of questions, and other aspects.

Suppose you’d want to connect with other students and experts who can help you clear your doubts and prepare better. In that case, you can join several study groups and discussion forums. There are many tools and exam-related information available through these groups.

Final words

The Microsoft Azure cloud platform is one of the most popular cloud computing platforms. IT professionals should become familiar with Azure to improve their job performance. Cloud experts may find particular qualifications advantageous, given that so many organizations use Azure.

To prepare for the Azure Cloud certification, you must follow these tactics. Microsoft Azure is the market leader in cloud computing. Its rapid expansion makes it the most significant skill to master for a computer career.

As a cloud computing expert, persons who hold an Azure certification can be landing a well-paying job. It’s one of the trickiest certifications to obtain, but it may do wonders for your cloud computing career. Azure’s certifications for different cloud services are constantly expanding.

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