The Road to Knowledge Starts With Anonymous Content

Anonymous Content

There has been a growing disdain amongst a lot of internet users, viewers, readers, and consumers towards the mainstream media. The reason being is that these people feel that the mainstream media is not performing its duty in delivering the news and content to the viewer in the proper way. Riddled with bias and faulty reporting, the mainstream media has been providing a low-quality product for a while now. As a result, the rise and prominence of alternative media, specifically online, has occurred. Websites like The Doe have filled that role perfectly, as they provide a steady stream of content that people want and appreciate. 

The anonymity factor plays into the content in ways that are beneficial and effective, such that anonymous content becomes a key player in the media industry. For instance, more often than not, anonymous content is used to fact-check and verify the mainstream media. 

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Also, anonymous content is used to deliver content that might not match the criteria of the mainstream spotlights. Topics that tend to be sensitive, touchy, or simply not appealing for the mainstream media. These topics are ones that the anonymous content creators have no issue publishing and addressing, and the readers value this transparency and approach. 

As anonymous content creators grow in popularity and numbers, people will have more access to information and knowledge. Alternatives provide a means for reference and comparison, which in turn will fuel competition, delivering a better product to the end-user.