Shiftgig Alternatives and Its Features



Shiftgig is a mobile app and website that helps job seekers find flexible jobs. It connects employers with job seekers in hospitality, warehousing, retail, events, and other industries. Job seekers can create profiles to list their skills and experience and search for jobs in their area. Employers can post open positions and manage applicants directly through the platform. Shiftgig offers a variety of features to help employers quickly hire qualified workers while providing job seekers with more control over when they work. 

The platform allows employers to adjust shift times or lengths on short notice based on changing needs. It also provides up-to-date information about available shifts within an employer’s business network so candidates can easily book shifts. Finally, Shiftgig enables employers to track the performance of employees in real-time by giving them access to detailed analytics reports such as hours worked per week or total sales per day.

Shiftgig features

1: On-Demand Staffing

2: Comprehensive Platform

3: Automated Matching

4: Robust Reporting

5: Streamlined Payroll

Shiftgig Alternatives

Pared Pros

Pared Pros

Pared Pros greatly benefits employers and employees looking to quickly fill short-term or seasonal roles. This platform allows businesses to access an extensive network of pre-screened, qualified workers who have all been vetted by Pared Pros’s independent background and identity checks. It streamlines the hiring process for employers, as they don’t have to worry about each candidate passing through their screening processes.

 Additionally, companies can easily build out job requirements, such as skills and qualifications for a particular role. Furthermore, with Pared Pros, employers can receive instant updates from candidates so that they know exactly when someone has applied or been accepted for a job position. Lastly, this platform also offers the ability to save time-to-hire data, which can be used to manage future recruiting efforts better.

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Pared Pros features

1: On-Demand Staffing

2: Real-Time Visibility

3: Automated Payroll

4: Streamlined Scheduling

5: Advanced Reporting



Presto is a powerful on-demand staffing platform that helps businesses find and manage quality temporary workers quickly and easily. It offers an intuitive interface, an automated screening process, real-time workforce analytics, and advanced tools for managing and scheduling staff. Presto’s unique algorithm can match the right workers to the right job in minutes. Companies also benefit from enhanced visibility into their labor costs and fast onboarding of new employees. 

Additionally, Presto provides access to an extensive pool of qualified candidates, making it easier to fill positions quickly while ensuring they meet the requirements. The platform also features a customized reporting tool that helps employers track employee performance and make better hiring decisions in the future.

Presto features

  • Distributed Query Engine
  • Connectivity & Security
  • Performance & Scalability
  • Extensibility & APIs
  • Cost Optimization



Parked is an on-demand staffing platform that connects businesses with qualified workers. It instantly allows businesses to hire and manage employees for short-term or ongoing projects. It also offers tools to help employers track time, review performance, and manage workloads. Parked’s mobile app provides a convenient way for businesses to find the right workers.

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The platform features job opportunities from many industries, such as food service, retail, hospitality, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. Businesses can post jobs in minutes and quickly connect with potential candidates who are qualified for the position. 

The platform also provides employers access to a comprehensive database of over 10 million professionals in various fields to find the best fit for their business needs quickly and easily.

For added convenience, Parked has built-in payroll software that enables employers to process payments quickly and accurately each pay period. It saves them time while ensuring accuracy when tracking employee hours worked and wages paid out each month. It also helps companies adhere to local labor laws by giving them insight into overtime regulations in their area of operation.

Parked features

1: Domain Management

2: Free Website Builder

3: One Click Installs

4: Automated Backups

5: Security Features



GigSmart is a mobile workforce platform that enables businesses to quickly and easily find skilled workers for short-term projects. It offers an integrated on-demand staffing system, job postings, background checks, and task management. With GigSmart’s simple interface, employers can search for candidates in their area with desired skillsets and experience and then post jobs to the app or website within minutes. 

The platform also allows businesses to review the worker’s profile before hiring. Additionally, companies can access GigSmart’s extensive background check process before onboarding new employees, which helps ensure safety and compliance with all relevant regulations. Furthermore, once a job is posted on GigSmart, it automatically creates tasks for workers to complete when they log in, showing them what needs to be done and how long it should take – making it easier to manage projects efficiently while keeping everyone organized.

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GigSmart features

  • Benefits: Quickly Find Workers
  • Platform Features: Post Jobs, Manage Payments
  • Pricing: Flexible, Low Cost
  • Onboarding: Easy Setup & Training
  • Security & Compliance: Protection for All Users
  • Customer Support: Dedicated Team



Jobstack is a staffing platform that helps businesses easily find and hire reliable, qualified workers for short-term or seasonal jobs. It offers a wide range of features to streamline the recruitment process, such as automated scheduling and onboarding tools, AI-powered job-matching algorithms, instant background checks, and access to an extensive network of workers. Jobstack also supports employers with detailed analytics on job engagement and performance metrics to help them make informed hiring decisions. 

The platform also provides easy tracking of labor costs to ensure businesses can effectively manage their budget while still meeting their staffing needs. Additionally, employers can set up custom notifications to take advantage of important staffing updates or potential job openings. With Jobstack’s comprehensive suite of features and services, businesses can quickly find the right people for the right jobs in no time at all.

Jobstack Features

  • Automated Posting
  • Custom Job Widgets
  • Seamless Applicant Tracking
  • Enhanced Job Search
  • Effective Analytics
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