Using Local SEO To Boost Your Business



No matter what size your business is or if you target international, national, or local customers, local SEO is vital for every business. There are many benefits to creating an excellent local SEO campaign. It can help your company become the go-to provider in your area for the services and/or products you provide. If this is something you have not considered for your online marketing strategy, below are some of the benefits you can enjoy and how you can go about starting a local SEO campaign.

Defining Your Target Audience

You will first have to define your target audience. Break down businesses into three categories. The first category is an international business that targets customers globally rather than in one specific geographic region. Next is a national business that targets customers in a certain country. Finally, a local business that is targeting customers in a smaller defined geographic area. Whatever business you have, it can benefit from a well optimised local SEO campaign. With the help of an SEO agency, this can be done easily. If, for example, your business is based in Australia and you’re looking for a reputable SEO in Brisbane, there are some excellent agencies you can consider using.

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Create Landing Pages For The Areas You Are Targeting

To start your local SEO campaign, you will need to have landing pages that you can use for your target areas. You will need to do plenty of keyword research and ensure that you use ones that incorporate the geographic areas you wish to focus on. Use these keywords in the titles, headers, and content on the page you are optimising for local search. As well as optimising your landing page for local SEO, there are also other things that you will want to do, which includes social media.

Using Social Media Locally

Social media can be a significant asset for all businesses. Even if you are providing your products or service nationally or internationally, having a page covering your local area can boost your business. You can help to embrace the local community and ensure they are aware of the products and services you provide. Many customers also use it to leave reviews of the companies they deal with. Social media is also an excellent way to interact with your audience directly, and many companies always monitor their social media channels. You can join local community groups and interact with users, offering advice and help where you can, and show your local community that you company is helpful and trustworthy.

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Complicating Your SEO

One drawback to having a local SEO campaign alongside a national or international one is that it can get confusing, so you may require the services of a reputable agency to assist you. They can ensure that each page you optimise focuses on the correct keywords and strengthens each page’s onsite SEO. They can also help build links and ensure that all your campaigns get good traction and your online presence and visibility increase. Whether you already have an SEO campaign running or not, ignoring local SEO can mean your business is missing out, so it is something that you will want to address.

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