Why Hiring an Injury Lawyer Is Important After An Accident

Injury Lawyer

How quickly should you employ the services of a personal injury lawyer after being hurt in an accident? This is something that is asked often, but is seldom answered.

This should go without saying, but receiving medical help should always be the first concern after an accident that has left you injured.

Because the symptoms of injuries such as a herniated discs or a concussion are often unclear due to the adrenaline running through one’s body, accident victims commonly underestimate just how severe their injury is.

However, the more time passes before you visit a doctor, the more possible it is that your injuries can worsen and prolong your recovery.

After consulting a doctor, the next thing you should do is make a call to a personal injury lawyer that is knowledgeable in the area of your case. You also want to consider the city where the accident occured. Work injury lawyers in New York City or car crash injury lawyers in Trenton, NJ may benefit you the most.

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With a Lawyer, Those Injured in an Accident Have a Better Chance of Receiving Compensation

A personal injury case’s chance of success is determined by a variety of elements, the most significant of which are:

– the extent of your injuries and the presence of evidence that proves how the incident happened

– the level of the insurance coverage eligible

– the length of time since the accident and when you enlisted the services of a lawyer 

– the experience your lawyer has in a courtroom and their ability to bring your claim to trial if the settlement you were proposed isn’t to your liking

A new poll by Martindale-Nolo Research showed that victims of accidents that do not enlist a lawyer or do so more than a year later generally get much less compensation than those who do.

– More than 90 percent of plaintiffs with a personal injury lawyer were successful in receiving damages, either by an out of court settlement or after going to trial.

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– More than 85 percent of plaintiffs who received $0 in their cases had no lawyer presenting their case or did hire one after more than a year.

Similar to how your injury can worsen by waiting to receive medical care, waiting too long to enlist an attorney can have the same results. Waiting can hinder you from gathering essential evidence  that would prove your case.

Hiring Veteran Personal Injury Lawyers Increase the Chances For Greater Settlements

While hiring a personal injury lawyer with more experience can boost your chances of receiving a judgment in your favor, it also appears to maximize the amount you could receive in damages:

– Research shows that victims who have a personal injury lawyer on their case will win more than triple the amount in damages than those without one.

– Another study found that victims with an injury lawyer were paid out nearly 70 percent more in damages than those who did not.

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Working With an Injury Lawyer That Has a Perfect Record

With a lawyer that has a perfect record, you will benefit from their knowledge and experience in getting their clients the most favorable payout possible, in regard to damages lost for both their injuries and income.

Generally, due to such a high success rate, insurance providers and defense counsel are more likely to treat clients properly and cases are taken seriously.

After being retained, lawyers will begin gathering evidence to show how an accident happened and how it has impacted your life. This could be the ability to work, the inability to participate in your typical activities and how it may impact your life moving forward.

Other professionals may be called in to help bolster the case, from engineers to safety specialists, or maybe your physician. This may further demonstrate the extent of your injuries and what, if any, losses you suffered.

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