How to Prepare for the Civil Service Exam?

civil service exam

If you would like to work for the government on a full-time basis, there is no way around writing the Civil Service Exam except in isolated incidents. This exam is the stepping stone to landing a full-time job with financial security and some benefits depending on the career you are pursuing. Preparing for the Civil Service Exam is an important step to take to get a job within the government workforce. Find out how to prepare for this exam and the benefits associated with it.

What is the Civil Service Exam?

The Civil Service Exam is an assessment used to assess potential government employees to find out if working for the public sector is indeed what they are suited for. It is usually used in conjunction with another additional test that assesses your skills in the job you have applied for. There is a lot more to the Civil Service Exam than what meets the eye, though.

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What jobs can you get with the Civil Service Exam?

After successfully taking the Civil Service Exam, you will have the opportunity to get a job in a wide variety of government agencies. These might include working for Child Protective Services handling a wide range of tasks. Alternatively, if you have additional qualifications, there is the opportunity to also work in the air traffic control field. The only limitation to this is that the Civil Service Exam can’t help you get a job in the military.

Who should take this test?

The test is open to anyone who would deem it an honor to work for the government in whatever capacity. This test is not for the prominent government positions, but instead, it aims to find hardworking individuals that will keep departments functioning. If that sounds like yourself, then this exam is definitely for you.

Study tools to pass this exam

Fortunately, there are plenty of study tools that help with the Civil Service Exam, including online learning material, books, and much more. You should practice civil service test to gain deeper clarity on what this test looks like for boosting chances of passing.

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Veteran’s Appointment Rule

Veterans do have a provision in place for them when taking the exam, and it gives them the competitive edge against other job seekers. The Veteran’s Appointment Rule dictates that veterans should get an extra 5-10% on the exam score. Above that, priority is given to them when hiring civil servants, so if you are a veteran, this should work in your favor.

Taking the Civil Service Exam

The Civil Service Exam goes a long way in helping you get a job in a department or agency under the government. Therefore, passing this exam is very important, but here are some details about this assessment. These details shed more light on the most important information needed to take the Civil Service Exam.

Benefits of taking this assessment

After taking this exam, the prospects of getting a job with a stable income and benefits get better. If you have other qualifications, passing this assessment will be a great complement to your resume even if you find vacancies in the private sector. Also, passing the exam could set you up for better career progression.

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Preparing for the exam

This assessment needs a lot of preparation, but focusing greatly on your own cognitive skills and behavior can go a long way. You can prepare yourself by improving your reasoning skills. Both verbal and non-verbal cues are very important. Also, mathematical literacy comes in very handy to win more points.

Can the real exam be taken online?

There are plenty of practice exams on the internet that helps you prepare for this exam, but can they be taken online? It depends; some areas might allow candidates to complete the test online. However, most areas will require that the applicant be present on-site and write the test.

When is this assessment available?

You can write the civil servant assessment all year-round, depending on the availability in your local area. Usually, there are dates scheduled throughout the year that indicate the dates you can book the exam for. Find the best one for you and book the Civil Service Exam.

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