How to Add Modern Curb Appeal to Your Home

modern curb

How your home looks from the outset sets the overall impression for your whole home, including your interior. It can be easy to incorporate a modern design into the exterior of your home, especially if your home is a newer build and already shows contemporary qualities. If your home is older, it may be slightly more challenging and you may need professionals to help you with the work. There are several ways a home can be renovated to add a modern curb appeal.

Replace the roof

A new roof can change the whole look of your home and is one of the biggest aspects you are able to improve or replace. Simple, architectural roof designs are becoming progressively more popular. Flat roofs in particular are a modern home favourite, and not only do they look nice, the installation and repair costs are much cheaper for this style of roof than they are for a standard, slope roof that most residential homes are likely to have. Flat roofs are also more durable and water-resistant, so water damage shouldn’t be a concern. Many larger homes can also use a flat rooftop as extra space, perhaps for an outdoor, rooftop seating area if the home is in a location that experiences good weather. When replacing the roof, why not look into replacing your old worn-out aerial. When someone strolls by your home and admires your newly installed roof, you would hate for the attention to be directed towards your old aerial. Contact the professionals at if you happen to be looking for a new aerial or satellite installation.  


Add a hint of greenery  

Greenery does not only reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere however, it also can improve your mood and add a modern curb appeal. Ensure your grass is maintained and that you look after any flowers or plants. Dead, lifeless greenery will most definitely not improve your home’s curb appeal, it will depreciate value. Most modern homes these days tend to feature artificial grass as it provides a clean and organised look to the front garden. When you consider it, the upkeep is minimal meaning that the money spent on buying and installing artificial grass should be absolutely worth it. Alongside your artificial grass why not consider wooden decking or patio stones as the contrast between the colour and texture will add a bright, and put together feel about your garden.  


Freshen up aspects of the home with paint  

Gustafson Painting explains how you can use fresh paint to improve your home’s curb appeal.If your home is relatively newer and does not require a whole lot of replacements, why not try and modernise certain aspects by changing a few colours? If you are considering selling your home, black doors tend to have the best resale value whilst also adding a contemporary edge to your exterior. Neutral hues that can be used for your front door include blacks, browns and greys and it is advised to pick a door colour that contrasts the main shade of the rest of your home. Painting your door can be a fun DIY job however, if you feel like you are not capable of this, call in a professional painter. It will be more beneficial to you in the long run as touch-ups can increase your home’s value from 2-5%.  

Invest in modernised outdoor furniture 

Investing in an outdoor seating area can upgrade your homes modern curb appeal, specifically, if you invest in good quality contemporary furniture that you are able to look after. An outdoor seating area can add an additional living space to your home, bringing you comfort outside of your home. Having a larger budget to spend on garden furniture will ensure that you are selecting higher quality furniture that has less chance of deteriorating due to weather conditions. Try to look for furniture that incorporates wood and steel alongside neutral coloured, quality cushions to make this outdoor living space look as contemporary as possible.  


Add a touch of lightning  

There are a few options you can choose from when deciding to incorporate light into your front or back garden. The light we speak of can even be an open flame. Try a firepit in the middle of a back garden seating area, not only will this look nice and inviting however, it will also provide heat when sitting outside in the colder months. Light features such as ground-level lights, hanging bulb lights as well as pillar lights can also add a little something extra to your garden to make it more comforting and welcoming.

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