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TIMBR Organics

Selecting the right smoking brand for you is the trickiest and most important part of your health care. Today, there are different brands available in the market, and everyone claims to be the best with the least side effects. It’s hard to decide which smoking brand is best with the least health-damaging chemicals. Today, I will give an honest and unbiased review about one of the most famous smokeable brands Timbr Organics.

Timbr Products

Timber organics is the veracious hem smokeable brand having a spacious variety of cigarettes, hemp flowers, disposables, and pre-rolls with different strains. The company offers premium quality products. It also bestows a pattern package with exclusive products to choose the excellent appropriate product for you.


Within a short period of its launch, TIMBR Organics becomes one of the top famous hemp companies with a range of top-quality products. This company never compromises on its quality and quantity. This company also has 3rd party lab reports of their products on their website. It is actually a very impressive start and helps build faith with customers.  Among its wide range, we will discuss hemp cigarettes.

Hemp cigarettes

Unlike other cigarettes made from marijuana, this is made from hemp, preventing you from the harmful toxic effects of marijuana. Hemp is a strain of cannabis and has been cultivated for thousands of years. It will give you the same psychological effect as others, without making you high because it has less than 0.3% of THC value. Hemp, the main product, has many medicinal properties. They are the best nicotine and marijuana-free option with the same pleasure. Timbr Organics sells three varieties of cigarettes.

  • CBG Cigarettes

CBG means Cannabegorial, a compound present in the cannabis plant. These packs consist of 20 cigarettes. Each is loaded with 50mg of cannabinoids that means 1000mg per pack. That’s a good amount for the chain smokers. Every cigarette is coalescing with terpene to ameliorate experience and flavor. It comes with high-quality packing, which is non-crushable.

PRICE: $12.99-$29.90

  • CBD Cigarettes

Do you love smoking? But do you not want to become a chain smoker? Then CBD Cigarettes are the best choice for innocuous smoking. It also comes with 20 cigarettes in a pack, each with 50mg of cannabinoids. It comes with 3 holes filter technology for a better experience.

PRICE: $9.99-$94.99

  • DETA 8 THC Cigarettes

The company claims to make its cigarettes with 100% organic hemp plants.  If you want to make yourself high without any side effects, then Delta 8 THC cigarettes are the right choice for you. Each packet consists of 8 cigarettes 40mg each. It will make you feel relaxed and lifted as its cover says and designed to be child-proof.

PRICE: $15.99-$159.99

From where can you buy Timbr organic products?

You can purchase your favorite products directly from an online website or even avail of wholesale service. There is no return or refund policy of this company. This may be due to their confidence in their products.

For non-toxic smoking, with both options of making you lift and not, TIMBR ORGANICS is an excellent company. So, will you change your old cigarettes with TIMBR products?