Apps like FunnyMike Fake Call and Features

FunnyMike Fake Call

FunnyMike Fake Call

FunnyMike Fake Call is a unique app that allows users to make fake calls with the help of virtual phone numbers. The app provides the user with a wide range of choices in terms of callers, call duration, and even custom messages which can be sent along with the call. It also provides an automated response system that allows users to prank their friends or family members by sending them recordings in different voices. 

Additionally, users can use this app to block unwanted calls while busy and customize every aspect of their fake call. Furthermore, all incoming calls are recorded so users can review them later to see who has been calling them and why. Finally, the app is highly secure as it uses end-to-end encryption for all communication between its servers and the user’s device.

FunnyMike Fake Call Features

  1. Customizable Options
  2. Easy-to-Use Interface
  3. Texting & Photo Sharing
  4. Voice Changer Feature
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FunnyMike Fake Call Alternatives

Prank Dial

Prank Dial

Prank dialing is a popular pastime for people looking to make someone laugh or have some fun. It’s done by calling a person and saying something funny, often in an anonymous manner, so the recipient won’t know who it came from. Many apps make prank dialing easier, such as MyPhoneRobot. 

This app allows users to choose from various pre-recorded prank calls, including celebrity impersonations and sound effects. The app also has features like number spoofing, which enables users to disguise their phone number as someone else’s when they call their victim. Additionally, the app can record conversations between the caller and recipient so that users can share their hilarious pranks with friends afterward. Prank dialing is sure to bring some laughs if done right!

Prank Dial App features

  • Benefits: Fun & Easy
  • Features: Audio Options, Interaction
  • Customization: Change Voices, Add Pranks
  • Benefits: Anonymity, Security
  • Limitations: Length of Call, Content
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Fake Call – Prank Friends

Fake Call - Prank Friends

Fake call apps like MyPhoneRobot are popular among pranksters. This app allows users to place a prank call to their friends, where they can choose a contact and customize the caller’s name and number from an extensive list of pre-recorded voices. These calls sound real, making it difficult for your friends to detect it’s a fake call. 

The app also offers an auto-reply feature which allows you to respond immediately when someone calls or texts you. You can create custom messages with voice effects, set up automatic replies based on certain keywords, and even record the conversation for later playback. Additionally, these apps come with added security features, so you don’t have to worry about malicious calls from unknown numbers, as all incoming calls are screened before being accepted.

Fake Call Prank features

1: Customize Calls

2: Select Contacts

3: Set Timers

4: Prerecorded Messages

5: Multiple Platforms



MyPhoneRobot is an app for Android and iOS devices that enables users to prank their friends by sending a pre-recorded message from a robotic owl. The app allows users to customize the sound of the message and add background noises such as thunder or birds chirping. Users can also create personalized messages with their voice recordings and even schedule pranks in advance. It also features several prank scenarios like “You’ve won the lottery!” and “Your house is on fire!” which can be sent to any recipient at once with just one tap.

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 Prank-Owl also comes with safety measures, such as allowing users to block certain contacts they don’t want to receive messages from or automatically deleting sent messages after 30 minutes. Finally, MyPhoneRobot has a library of sound effects that can be used for more creative pranks, such as making it seem like an alien invasion is happening or scaring your friends with spooky ghost noises.

Prank-Owl features

1: Customization

2: Automation

3: Security

4: Reporting

5: Price

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