Where will Antonio Rudiger End up Playing?

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Antonio Rudiger is an excellent German defender whose current squad is Chelsea FC. While not an undisputed starter, he is certainly capable of making a contribution every time he enters the pitch. The solid defense that he manages to put up every time that he plays for his squad ensures that those who want to use the 1xBet promo code for gambling on Chelsea can have some great chances.

As it tends to happen with players of his talent, it is natural that from time to time they are linked to some of the best teams all over the world. Especially if those teams happen to be from the country from which the player comes. Specifically, Bayern Munich hasn’t hidden their interest in signing the defender, who wouldn’t rule out a move from London to Munich in one of the upcoming transfer windows.

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Right now Bayern Munich has an excellent defense, which has been reinforced even more thanks to the excellent job made by coach Julian Nagelsmann. However, for teams of that caliber, especially taking into account how many matches they play per season, it is a good idea to have some extra players in their squad to give the rest to those who have played the most. In any case, using a promo code 1xBet can be an excellent choice for betting on any squad where Rudiger ends up playing.

Antonio Rudiger

Pau Gasol announces his retirement

Pau Gasol is the best Spanish basketball player ever. Recently, at the age of 41, the former star of many teams announced that he would finally retire from the game. It was not unusual to see many people using their 1xBet bonus to bet on every match where he played, as every fan of this sport knew that he would put incredible performances every time that he would play.

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Gasol won a great number of trophies throughout his career. Let’s list a few of them:

  • three Spanish Leagues, in 1999, 2001 and 2021;
  • one Copa del Rey in 2001;
  • the 2006 FIBA World Cup;
  • the Eurobasket tournament from the years 2009, 2011 and 2015;
  • and even two NBA rings with the LA Lakers!

Such an impressive trophy count is not something frequent in a basketball player. With players of such a level, it is easy to see why people continue to use their bonus 1xBet in the Lakers.

Gasol made the announcement in front of a fully crowded theater. Among this crowd there were family members, former teammates, people from the media and special guests. During this emotional ceremony, the Spanish star remembered the late Kobe Bryant many times. He thanked Bryan for making him a “better leader”.

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The LA Lakers have also paid their respects to Gasol. They have announced the retirement of the number 16, which is the number that the Spaniard used. This is only the second number that has been retired by the team, with the first one being the 24 used by Kobe Bryant.

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