Sik World Lyrics – What Do You Mean By That

What Do You Mean

What do you mean, you don’t love me,
What do you mean, you don’t trust me,
I was there when you literally had nothing,
I mean you are who are, that’s because me…

Something tells me you didn’t care from the start,
You gave me excuses when I gave you my heart,
Woah, I didn’t mean to go tear you apart,
I just feel like you never really try to put in your part,

Don’t start, I hate when you get all crazy,
One minute your saying that you wish you didn’t date me…
The next, your talking about having a baby…
Look it’s either you love me or hate me

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I don’t know anymore, what do you mean,
You don’t know about us or you don’t know about me?
You doubt me, you fought me, you taunt me,
You thought we, would off things, get off me,
You lost me, you call me

But I don’t get it
When I’m right, you’re wrong then who is it…
I love you but something is missing,
And you have the ability to fill it…

But what do you mean that I’m a snake?
How can I cheat on you when I’m home all day?
How can I fuck at work when I work at a bank?
I mean how can I drive to her with no gas in the tank?

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Ahhh mann…
Now your getting so lovey dobey,
Calling me honey, in the kitchen cooking up something,
Like, todays is a new day hubby
Just to fight over something that started off funny,

Now I gotta fix us, and do my thing…
I walk in the room and I call you my queen,
You say “why you being nice to me”
I say we faught you reply
“What do you mean?…”

I…I don’t even know

What do you mean, what do you mean, (ay)
What do you mean ya ya ya (yeah)

What Do You Mean Lyrics

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