Online Betting vs Casino Games Popularity in 2022

Online Gambling

The industry of iGaming keeps developing. Every year, more people find something interesting in this area. Thus, gambling, card, table games, and various types of betting have become hobbies for a great number of Internet users. There exist various kinds of online gaming facilities, each of which has a certain orientation. Thus, some platforms are devoted to casino games more than to sports betting, while others are vice versa. Punters and society keep watching a ‘legendary fight’ and ask a question about the leaders in this competition. In our article, we’ll speak about the popularity and tendency of development for casino games and online betting.

Online Gambling and Its Place in Punters’ Lives

Gambling has been popular since ancient times. Probably, the varieties of games were different in, for instance, Rome. However, people were still very fond of gambling. The heart of the gambling industry is located in Las Vegas, where players can find the most reputable and prominent gaming clubs in the world.

Today land-based establishments are not so widespread due to the restrictions imposed by many countries. Thus, gaming clubs are actually prohibited in many well-developed states. Nevertheless, casino operators found a way out and introduced online gambling to the world. This industry was first highly estimated by the faithful fans of casino games. And a bit later, more people started discovering the benefits of such Internet facilities, which finally led to their impressive popularity.

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Another addition to the growing popularity of online gambling was made by Covid-19, which made millions of people stay at home and find anything to entertain themselves (and, possibly, earn).

Online Gambling

It’s vital to mention the issue of an operating allowance. Not every country officially regulates online gambling. There’re even those where it’s forbidden. At the same time, there’re jurisdictions that offer licenses under certain conditions. And gaming venues with such licenses can welcome players from almost every country (certain restrictions are always indicated on the official sites of casinos).

Why Do People Like Casino Games?

Casino games and betting are both representatives of the online world, so people see any advantages in participation in such activities. At the same time, those kinds of entertainment are very different. Let’s look at the key aspects which make casino games the best pastime for thousands of players:

  • Great diversity. There’re many varieties of games, which are very different from each other. Punters can choose pokies, their favorite table games (for example, bingo or roulette), card games (such as legendary poker or blackjack), or any other game from the collection presented at the selected gaming club. Even the games related to one category (for instance, slots) are very diverse in terms of style, theme, features, items, and game mechanics. In addition, developers keep launching new games every month.
  • Ease of participation (and winning). It’s hard to speak about all casino games, but many of them are very understandable. It means that even a newbie can try luck and win some money, for example, in pokies. Of course, there’re more complicated games (card games usually). But punters can still use a demo version to train and improve their skills.
  • Unique and attractive design. Casino games are created to excite punters and make them keep playing. Thus, the majority of games are characterized by extremely high-quality graphics and bright colors. There’re many video games and even live dealer options provided to gamers.
  • Lower risks. It also depends on the definite game. However, punters can choose the bet amount and the game which suits best.
  • A great choice of clubs. Punters can select the most suitable gaming establishment. For example, after reading the Fair Go casino review or feedback on the other clubs, players can make the right decision.
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Various casino games are mobile-friendly because software providers understand the needs of modern punters. They want to have access to their favorite pokies and other games at any time and in any place. Besides, the most popular games from top developers are easy to find at any reputable gaming establishment.

The Most Popular Casino Games in 2022

Type of gameExamples
PokiesDark King Forbidden Riches by NetEntWonder of Ages by Blueprint GamingStorm Lords by RTG
RouletteAmong various types of roulettes, the European one is the most popular. Top developers are:PlaytechEvolution GamingNetEntMicrogaming
BlackjackLive blackjack is the most popular option among punters. The following providers offer the most prominent versions:PlaytechEvolution GamingExtreme Live GamingEzugi
CrapsBoth live and table games of this type are popular. Punters can pay attention to the following reputable developers:Vivo Gaming (responsible for live games)MicrogamingBetsoftEvolution Gaming

The Popularity of Online Betting

The Popularity of Online Betting

While many governments are not very positive about diverse games of chance (casino games), sports betting is a different type of gambling. First of all, it’s created for sports fans. Thus, the spectators make bets based on their experience and predictions. It’s not just luck but also skills and experience.

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There’re countries which allow online betting (and it’s legalized there). Their list includes:

  • The US (allowed in certain states)
  • Australia (horse racing and sports betting are allowed)
  • The UK (sports betting is fully legal if a venue meets the governmental requirements)
  • S. Africa (since 1994, people can bet on sports)
  • Mexico (the latest legalized online betting in 2004), etc.

The fame of online betting keeps growing. The experts of the industry claim that 2022 is predicted to be the year when the biggest number of sports bettors is achieved.

Benefits of Sports Betting

For people and governments, sports betting is a positive issue due to the following advantages:

  • A perfect way of entertaining (especially for sports fans)
  • An opportunity to choose your favorite sport to bet (or bet on a great event)
  • A way to earn lots of money (if the bet is successful)
  • Simple and fast option for entertainment (there’s no need to spend too much time and learn complicated rules)
  • A great choice of reliable bookmakers’ sites.

The most popular sports for online betting in 2022 are:

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Esports

It’s crucial to choose a sport which you are familiar with in order to make the correct predictions and a successful bet.


The whole gambling industry keeps developing. Both casino games and online betting are almost equally popular. At the same time, sports betting still has many directions for development. For instance, the creation of esports initiated a new stage in the lifecycle of sports betting activity. Thus, this direction keeps attracting more and more people of all generations. At the same time, gamble games don’t lose their fans all over the globe.

It’s a personal choice for everyone, which type of gambling to prefer. Just make sure to have a wonderful time and use all your chances to win.