Things To Be Careful About When Upgrading Bathroom

Things To Be Careful About When Upgrading Bathroom

Renovations and upgrades are part and parcel of home improvement projects. Even the smallest corner of the house, such as a bathroom, can prove expensive if you go for extensive modification. However, it doesn’t bother much when everything happens as per the planning. Instead, you can be proud of your upkeep efforts and adding value to the property. But all the excitement can soon disappear when your budget shoots up, and your bathroom renovation doesn’t give any results. The matter can slip out of your hand by the time you realize your mistake. To avoid this, you need to know a few things beforehand. So here is a quick look into them.


The cost of bathroom renovation depends on your requirements and choices. The value of your property and décor can also matter. A family home can have certain high expectations from a bathroom. There can be more emphasis on practical design. You may not be too strict when you are leading a retired life in a one-bedroom apartment. Then, as mentioned, style can be another factor. You cannot chase simple interiors when the rest of the house looks luxurious; you will want to pay attention to every detail. In that case, you can desire to create a focal point.

Are you active on social media platforms? You must have seen celebrity bathrooms featuring baths right below the window, overlooking a soothing outside view. It can be tempting to replicate the same theme in your bathroom. But if you try to mimic this style, you will have to pay a hefty price, which may not suit your budget. That leaves you with two options – either dump the project or hire a contractor at a lower price.  You cannot arrive at the second conclusion without proper homework. You can also end up contracting someone lacking appropriate skills. Hence, the ideal situation would be to know your renovation cost, budget, and the person who can make it happen.


Complete renovation VS cosmetic changes

Most homeowners don’t know that they can build a beautiful bathroom without ripping out and replacing everything. Only a few cosmetic touches can be more than enough. For example, the sink area can look tired and drab due to the overused sink. Buying a contemporary restroom sink can be the solution for this. Or, the tiles can be the main culprit behind the unattractiveness of your bathroom. Then, you can replace them with something elegant, chic, dynamic, or anything matching your style. To be precise, you can make an impact on the décor with minor changes. But if you are not aware, you can sign up for significant renovation involving structural changes, plumbing reworks, etc. All these can burn your money and time also.

Hence, you must spend a few hours studying the bathroom condition and actual requirements. It will be a waste of effort and money to walk in the opposite direction when you can achieve the best design outcome by replacing the vanity, faucet, sink, wall tiles, or any such thing. So whether you are not happy with the shower recess, wall color, or anything else, think about a quick and intelligent way to fix it. This basic knowledge can save thousands of dollars.


However, experts want people to know that some cosmetic works can damage the flooring and cost more. Although patchwork can rectify errors, you have to protect your floor area, which can be most vulnerable. For example, some projects may require removing a few floor tiles. In that case, you cannot consider it as a minor upgrade. Instead, it becomes a complete renovation because of the risk factors – floor tile removal can affect the underlay or waterproofing membrane. These can have further repercussions, which you may not immediately understand. To be on the safe side, you can consult an experienced professional who can advise you about the best renovation process and let you know if they have to do anything with the waterproofing.

Trendy VS functional

Trends are a fad, which tends to be transient. They can be relevant today but may not have any future. Hence, it is critical to pick a style that will stay around for a longer time and perform. So whether it involves a material or tile, you have to be thoughtful. The bathroom style cannot be different than the rest of the house. It can spoil cohesiveness. For example, a modern-looking bathroom amidst a vintage home décor can be an eyesore. Or, it can interfere with the impression of the overall décor. You wouldn’t want this either way. That’s why maintaining consistency in the primary theme is crucial.


In this context, another consideration has to be about the condition of the building. Interior designers believe that bathroom renovation in a dated building can be a wasted effort. It doesn’t enhance your property value. After all, the transformed bathroom interiors cannot dictate the visual impact of the other parts of the house. As an alternative, you will want to renovate the whole building. Budget, time, and other resources play an essential role in this. Still, it is worth noting that a successful bathroom renovation is all about styling and proper fittings. If something doesn’t fit in with your budget, you can search the market for similar options. Getting the same thing for a fraction of a higher cost may not pinch in this scenario.

You may have guessed where things can go wrong and what you can do to avoid unpleasant situations. When you keep an eye even on the minute details, you essentially work toward eliminating risks and making your bathroom design and decoration successful. It is vital for your mental peace and health also. You will not spend too much on anything, which can turn into your biggest disappointment. At the same time, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor for a long time. You may not have to revisit any feature or work on it again.  So, before you go into renovation mode, make sure you decide this after assessing the situation and real needs.

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