Do you want to buy a refurbished or used iPhone?

Buy used iphone

Buying a refurbished or used iPhone is quite common. Apple is able to take in a ton of sales off the latest models of its iPhone line but there is no shortage of people who either need a replacement or would rather buy the phone second-hand for cheaper. 

Some may think they know what to look out for when buying electronics that were pre-owned but in 2021 there’s a lot to take in. It’s no longer just about seeing whether or not the phone’s condition is up to snuff. There’s a lot to unpack but luckily for you, we’re here to help.

Any Difference Between Refurbished & Used?

You may have seen preowned products that were marked as either refurbished or used and wondered if there was a difference. There is indeed a difference. With used products, you will need to rely on a seller’s description, images of the items they are selling, and customer reviews. 

With refurbished products, you will get peace of mind that the items are thoroughly tested for functionality. If necessary, the refurbished items will contain replacement parts. Regardless, you can easily find a used & refurbished iPhone for sale online or even in physical retail stores.

What You Need To Know About Buying Second-Hand

If you’ve made the decision to buy an iPhone either refurbished or used, there are some things to consider. Obviously, you want to make sure the seller is legitimate. Check the feedback of a used seller and the reputation of a company refurbishing products is recommended. 

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Then there’s the matter of making sure that the phone you’re looking at hasn’t been stolen or lost. If they have, then chances are the phones are blacklist, meaning you can kiss your chances of connecting to a carrier goodbye. 

Don’t fret, however, as there are companies that will guarantee the iPhone you purchase is not blacklisted.

How To Check If An iPhone Has Been Blacklisted

If you choose to order an iPhone from a place such as eBay, it would be wise to check if the phone has been marked as blacklisted since the seller may not be able to guarantee it. Even if the seller does claim the phone hasn’t been stolen or lost, you can ask for proof. One way of doing this is by asking the seller for the iPhone’s IMEI number. You can tell the seller to tap the settings option, then go to general, then tap about. Once you have the IMEI number, you can look up how to check if your iPhone is blacklisted and then paste the number.

Unlocked Or Carrier?

Another important aspect of making your purchasing decision is whether you prefer an unlocked phone or be tied to a carrier. Unlocked phones typically cost more even if they are refurbished or used. Still, even if you choose the unlocked version you can get some solid deals on a used & refurbished iPhone for sale. Sometimes, the price difference isn’t significant.

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Battery Health

Batteries don’t last forever. Over time, batteries can become damaged or simply run their course due to normal use. It’s actually possible to check the battery health of an iPhone. You can have the seller tap on settings, then battery, and then battery health. 

You should take into account that a used iPhone isn’t likely to have 100 percent battery health unless a replacement was done. If the iPhone was refurbished, then there’s a good chance the battery has been replaced. It’s always a good idea to check the battery life beforehand but have realistic expectations.

Have The Speakers & Camera Been Damaged?

If the speakers or camera have been damaged on a used iPhone, the likely culprit is water damage. You don’t want a phone that has water damage as it could make things difficult for you to listen to phone calls. Water damage can also impact the microphone too, callers may not be able to hear you clearly. 

Be sure to closely observe the cameras and ask the seller if the phone has ever suffered water damage. If the seller has sold any phone with water damage, you’ll likely know about it in the feedback section.

What If You Can Test Before You Buy?

If you happen to be in a physical store that sells pre-owned iPhones, you may be able to go for a test run. If that’s the case, you’ll want to check the screen for cosmetic damages. Be sure to turn the brightness up to see if it’s functional. Next, it’s time to test the buttons. Make sure the power and volume buttons are functioning properly. You should also check to see if the speakers, microphone, and camera are in good shape. Checking for any bad ports on the phone is also crucial.

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Avoiding Scams

You may think you have spotted a good deal on a classified website listing. If you see that an iPhone 12 is listed at a bargain bin price, run for the hills. Unrealistically low prices on highly valuable items will always be too good to be true. 

Avoid giving money to a seller who is convenient “out of town.” If you end up giving your money to the wrong person, you will end up with less money than you had prior and no product to show for it. If it’s not from a reputable seller, don’t bother.

When it comes to buying an iPhone refurbished or used, there’s a lot that you need to be aware of. Don’t take anyone’s word. Be sure you are thoroughly checking to see if the seller you’re communicating with is on the up and up. 

There are people who will take advantage of people trying to get a deal on iPhones. Doing everything you can to ensure you’re not getting ripped off is ideal because if you’re shopping in the wrong place, the outcome won’t be pleasant for you so stay on your toes.

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