The Most Safest Online Casino Australia VPN Services To Use

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With so many Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers drawing Aus customers’ attention at the moment, it can be overwhelming for them to select the best one. That’s why our experts and gamblers themselves from took a closer look at five of the most safest online casino Australia VPN providers. However, before just sticking to reliable sources for protecting your data, it is crucial to know why a VPN is essential for modern web browsing in the country.

Reasons to Use VPNs in AU

There is no secret that when online users don’t set up a VPN service, their data is potentially exposed to people on their respective network, the government, advertisers, and their internet service providers (ISPs) Dazzard Casino Australia. Hence, a VPN mainly enables users to hide their IP address and encrypt their internet connection. Aside from these, the service allows players to get access to blocked sites, which is especially crucial for Australians.

Site Blocking

Within the framework of the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, all online casino operators working within the borders of the country are illegal. More so, the act also made it against the law to advertise interactive gaming services on different types of media.

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However, despite this act, a lot of Australians continued to wager online without any real impact since it is not illegal for them to gamble if the website is based overseas. That is why having a high-quality VPN is a must for Aus gamblers because it allows them to connect privately to all the top 5 aussie online casinos from other countries.

ISP Tracking

Since 2015, ISPs have been legally required to track and keep hold of metadata logs relating to their customers’ internet activities. More so, in December, 2018, the Assistance & Access Bill further alarmed the privacy of Aussie residents by requiring that ISPs and other electronic services cooperate in intercepting data from the users. However, similarly to, this act was met with a lot of discontent among Australians. And it is little surprise that many Aus players who value their privacy have started to disregard rules by using different VPN services.

In light of these considerations, VPN applications can be your guarantee of online security and privacy. Whether you want to hide your internet use from ISP tracking or access content from the banned websites, you need a good app that will provide maximum safety. Hence, will leave you with the five most safest online casino VPN services to use.

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5 Most Private VPNs for Aussie Players

All the VPNs listed below distinguish themselves by having a “no logs policy”. This means that these companies don’t keep a log or record of any data that may be used to compromise their users’ privacy, no matter what pressure is applied to them. 

  • NordVPN. This privacy-friendly Panama-based company is known for not keeping logs at all, including connection time stamps, traffic logs, bandwidth, and IP addresses. Both their WebRTC leak mitigation and Robust DNS leak technologies guarantee their customers complete privacy and safety when visiting sites from other countries.
  • ExpressVPN. This VPN provider may not be the most affordable, but it is still one of the safest online casino Australia services to use. ExpressVPN offers a price tag of 13 AUD per month payment and 100 AUD for annual subscription. The great feature of this service is that Aussie players can connect up to five different devices simultaneously.
  • Tunnel Bear. This service lives up to its name by including the ability to hide users’ VPN connection inside an SSH or SSL tunnel, so that even it could not know who they are. More so, it is one of the easiest VPNs in usage with excellent security tools at fair prices (9.99 AUD per month).
  • ProtonVPN. This VPN service is notable for being based in Switzerland, one of the best places in the world to base a privacy company. The only logs they overwrite is a timestamp of the last successful login connection. No IP addresses are recorded. All of ProtonVPN’s applications include IP leak protection technology and a kill switch.
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Ivacy. Based in Singapore, this no-logs VPN service lives up to its name whatsoever, allowing for true privacy and anonymity while browsing online. In addition to effective WebRTC leak mitigation, the company offers robust IPv4 and IPv6 DNS leak protection tech in its clients and applications. Ivacy allows up to five simultaneous connections for Aus customers through different countries.