Do You Need a Proxy Server?

Proxy Server

The internet has become a vital part of our lives. It allows us to share information, connect with others, and organize our day-to-day tasks. Studies reveal that the number of internet users globally hit a whopping 4.9 billion in the previous year. 

Unsurprisingly, the number is forecasted to surge even more this year. With growing internet usage, phishing attacks are on the rise. 

However, technology is evolving with the transforming digital world, and there’s light at the end of the tunnel. A reliable US proxy offers you a chance to protect your data and surf the internet privately. A look into the benefits of proxy servers will unveil why you may need one. 

What Is a Proxy and How Does It Work? 

A proxy server is a system that provides a gateway between you and the internet. As such, it keeps hackers from entering your private network. It is also referred to as an “intermediary” because it stands between the web pages and the end-users. 

Your device connects to the internet using an IP address typically assigned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). 

It directs the incoming data and marks outgoing data with a return address. You can consider a proxy a computer on the internet with its unique IP address. 

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So, when you forward a request to the internet, it goes to the proxy rather than the web.

The proxy then returns the response from the target website to your browser. This keeps the website from identifying your IP because the proxy hides your original IP address. 

Benefits of Proxy Servers for Businesses and People 

Accessing your IP address is no rocket science for hackers. 

Soon after you visit a website, it’s enough for them to get their hands on your private data, resulting in a data breach. However, you can quickly secure your information by connecting to a proxy server. 

So, whether you run an organization or are a regular internet user, there are reasons you shouldn’t sleep on the use of proxies. A look into their advantages will reveal why you need one. 

Hides Your IP Address

You easily protect your data when websites fail to detect your IP address. A US proxy helps hide your IP and connects to the web using its unique IP address. As such, you remain anonymous and can freely browse the web. 

Your IP can reveal much about you, from your city to your country’s name. 

Pro cybercriminals can even go out of their way to learn about your ISP, zip code, and even street number. Therefore, it is crucial to mask your IP and use a proxy to make browsing secure. 

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Allows You to Access Geo-Restricted Content

Maybe you’re a regular internet user who wants to stream live sports or a business owner wanting to land your competitor’s website for scraping purposes. Unfortunately, a lot of useful content is hidden behind geo-restrictions. 

The technology is frustrating because it keeps you from visiting a particular site. But because a proxy server masks your IP, websites cannot stop your access based on location. 

That is, if a particular site is available only in the US and you’re in another country on vacation, you can connect to a US proxy and bypass geo-restrictions. 

Filters Out Malicious Websites 

Did you know around 12.8 million sites globally are infected with malware? Unknowingly, you could land a website that may steal your content and leak your data. However, a proxy server blocks you from accessing potentially dangerous websites. 

Not all internet users are versed in identifying malware websites from normal ones. Nonetheless, a stable proxy connection protects online activity by restricting their access to such sites.

Reduces Load Times 

Proxies also boost internet performance by caching data. For instance, proxy servers save it for later when you visit a particular site. So, when a user requests the cached page, the server displays it quickly instead of sending the request to the internet again. 

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This speeds up your browsing and boosts productivity during work hours. 

Controls Content

Are you an employer annoyed at your employees streaming sports and seasons during work hours or a parent who wants to restrict their kid from accessing unethical content? 

Whatever the case, you can use a proxy server to restrict users’ activity. This keeps children from opening sites they aren’t meant to and encourages employees to focus on work rather than entertainment. 

How Does a Proxy Make Browsing Secure? 

Your IP address is the primary source of information for people with malicious intent because it reveals your physical location. Not only this, hackers can monitor your browsing and see what you’re up to. 

However, when you’re connected to a proxy server, it masks your IP – the source of information for cybercriminals. 

You can use the internet with the proxy’s IP, and the web won’t be able to access your location. Consequently, you make your browsing secure and keep your data private. 


Every internet user is concerned about their online privacy, given the growing number of cyberattacks. If you’re in the same boat, a US proxy allows you to protect your online data and keep browsing secure by making you anonymous. On top of that, you can bypass geo-restrictions and stream your favorite content effortlessly. If you wish to learn more about us proxy click here.