The Best Football Players of All Ages

Best Football Players

Football is the sport for the majority of Americans. The athletes in this sport are molded early, right from their college years so when you’re watching the next college football match, you’ll see legends in the making. But there are already football legends throughout the years and their number is just going to grow.

NFL fans will watch their favorite teams win match after match. Some will even place a bet or two to keep things interesting which is why online sportsbooks follow the NFL closely. Bettors can bet on the outcome of a game, the total points, and even NFL futures discussed. Football is a popular sport in the States which is why online sportsbooks will continue shadowing it.

So far, there have been legends in the NFL and some of these legends grace the world of football today. In other words, here are some of the best football players of all ages:

Tom Brady

You can’t have a top football players list and not mention Tom Brady. He’s arguably one of the best if not the best quarterbacks of all time in history. He has been the Super Bowl Champion 7 times, he’s won the crown as a Pro-Bowl Champion 15 times and he also has 3 MVPs under his belt. With a record like his, you’d think he’s comfortably enjoying his retirement, but if you think that then you’d be wrong. That’s because Tom Brady is in his 40s and is still gracing the field with his presence. He’s also one of the oldest players around that’s breaking records to this day. That’s why you’ll see him on the list of the greatest players in the NFL of all time.

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Lawrence Taylor

So you’ve heard all about one of the best QBs in the world of football, but now it’s time for one of the best LBs. Lawrence Taylor holds the title of the greatest defensive player of all time. He’s the person you don’t want to see in front of you when you’re dashing to get a point. But he’ll likely be there because he had been doing that for 12 years. In that time, he’s managed to appear in the football Hall of Fame, he’s won 2 Super Bowl Championships and 8 First Team All-Pro championships as well. There’s no doubt about, Lawrence Taylor is a football legend.

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Jerry Rice

When you’re looking up the top players of football you’ll find Jerry Rice on each list. The thing that sets Jerry apart from the others is that he’s no quarterback or running back and he isn’t part of the defense. Jerry Rice played the part of the wide receiver from 1985 to 2004. He caught the pass and made it to the other side. He’s the one that put wide receivers in the spotlight and did so with his spectacular performance. Finally, he’s got quite a career under his belt and is happy and enjoying his time off the field.

Joe Montana

Before the modern quarterbacks stepped on the field there was Joe Montana who set the bar high for them to reach it. He was known as Joe Cool because of the extravagance surrounding him. He had been a Super Bowl Champion for 4 years, and he was an MVP 2 times. Moreover, he was at the peak of his career when he played for the San Francisco 49ers. Joe Montana may not be on the field today, but he was the reason why so many young players took the field, reach his bar and take it even higher. Just like the other players on this list, he’s a legend.

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Jim Brown

You can think of Jim Brown as one of the faces of Mount Rushmore if the mountain was related to football in some way. This is an older football player that made his name between 1957 and 1965. He played for the Cleveland Browns and he was the First Team All-Time Pro 8 times, he was an MVP 3 times and even made it to the Hall of Fame. His career isn’t as long as the other players on this list, but some players are all about quality. Nevertheless, he remains an inspiration for up-and-coming football players.

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