Stylist Girl: Make Me Fabulous And Their Alternatives

Stylist Girl Make Me Fabulous

Stylist Girl: Make Me Fabulous

Outfit selection has become a lot easier with the help of a stylist girl. It provides customers with various options to choose from that are suited for different occasions. The services stylist girl offers are tailored to fit individual needs; customers can use them to find pieces that reflect their style or create an entirely new look.

The “Make Me Fabulous” feature allows customers to shop for outfits based on their body type, budget, and occasion. Customers can also upload photos of themselves and have a stylist girl suggest clothes based on their tastes and preferences. Additionally, they can add items to their wish list to remember which pieces they liked best and purchase them later.

Stylist Girl also offers tips on styling different looks and exclusive discounts on select items to help customers save money while shopping online. Furthermore, the website has created an interactive community where users can ask questions, share ideas, or have fun discussing fashion trends with like-minded people worldwide.

Stylist Girl features

  • Styling Advice
  • Shopping Guides
  • Access to Brands
  • Beauty Tips & Trends
  • User Community

Stylist Girl: Make Me Fabulous Alternatives

Runway Story

Runway Story

Runway Story is an alternative to Project Makeover. It allows users to create their own fashion story with a visual element. The app is designed for iOS and Android, providing free and premium features. Users can choose from over 500 clothing, accessories, and makeup items in the store and create a custom look with the app’s editing tools. They can also save their stories for future use or share them with friends on social media platforms. The app also offers a variety of tutorials so users can learn how to design their styles and looks without requiring any prior knowledge or experience in fashion design.

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Runway Story features

  • Outfit Builder: Mix & Match Clothing
  • Wardrobe Management: Organize Your Closet
  • Shopping List: Create & Save Wishlists
  • Trend Reports: Latest Fashion News
  • Style Clubs: Connect With Other Fashionistas

Fashion Fever: Dress Up Game

Fashion Fever Dress Up Game

Dress-up games, such as the Fashion Fever: Dress Up Game, provide an alternative to the traditional project makeover game. This game typically focuses on making fashion choices instead of physical home remodeling, giving players a creative outlet without breaking out a hammer and saw. The Fashion Fever game offers users the opportunity to create their fashion designs from scratch or virtually try on styles from famous clothing lines like Versace and Armani. 

Players can also use 3D design tools to mix and match items within their wardrobes for a truly unique look. The ability to customize accessories like shoes, sunglasses, and jewelry means that players can dress however they want in this virtual world. Additionally, with access to over 10 million different outfits, there is no shortage of options for any player’s style. Moreover, these virtual designs can be shared with friends via social media platforms providing even more fun opportunities for collaboration and creativity while playing this dress-up game.

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Fashion Fever features

1: Style Options

2: Color Palettes

3: Mix & Match Pieces

4: Accessorize!

5: Shopping Made Easy



ZEPETO is a free iOS and Android app allowing users to create virtual avatars in 3D. The avatars can be customized with clothing, accessories, hairstyles, and makeup, all at no cost. Users can also upload pictures of themselves, and ZEPETO will automatically generate an avatar based on the uploaded photo. 

Additionally, ZEPETO provides users many customization options for their avatars, such as changing skin tone, facial features, and body shape. For an extra layer of personalization, users can add stickers to their avatars or even take a selfie from inside the app itself. With the ability to customize your avatar however you like, ZEPETO has become one of the most popular alternatives to Project Makeover, giving it some tough competition in the virtual makeover space.

 ZEPETO features

  • Character Customization: Personalize your avatar
  • Mini Games: Play with friends
  • Social Interaction: Connect with others
  • Special Events: Celebrate with ZEPETO
  • In-App Purchases: Unlock exclusive content



Chatous is an alternative to Project Makeover that allows users to meet and chat with people worldwide. It also has a social networking component, allowing users to create profiles, follow other users, and share photos and videos. Chatous also offers a variety of features, such as private messaging, group chats, location-based matches, and audio/video calls. 

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One of the most popular features is its “matching algorithm,” which pairs up people based on their interests and preferences. It ensures that users can connect with like-minded individuals with similar music, books, or movie tastes. Chatous also provides different games that can be used for entertainment or even for making new friends. It also supports numerous languages so that people from other countries can use it. Furthermore, it offers secure encrypted messaging, which ensures user safety when exchanging data online.

Chatous features

  •    User Interface
  •    Messaging and Video Chat
  •    Profile Customization
  •    Privacy and Security
  •    Account Blocking

Time Princess: Story Traveler

Time Princess Story Traveler

Project Makeover Alternatives is a feature in Time Princess: Story Traveler that allows players to customize the appearance of their characters. Players can choose from a wide selection of hairstyles, skin tones, and facial features to create a unique look for their character. In addition to choosing their physical attributes, players can also accessorize with various clothing items and accessories such as hats, glasses, jewelry, and more.

 The game also has a special wardrobe feature that lets players collect different clothing they find in the game world or purchase from the store. With these customizable options, Project Makeover Alternatives allows players to express themselves and create unique characters for their adventures.

Time Princess Features

1: Set Timers

2: Track Time

3: Visualize Activity

4: Automate Habits

5: Analyze Data

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