RTB Shopper And Their Alternatives

RTB Shopper

RTB Shopper

Real-time bidding (RTB) shopper is a platform that provides shoppers with an alternative to traditional rent-to-own stores like Rent-A-Center. RTB shopper works by connecting shoppers to retailers who offer goods at discounted prices. The goal of RTB Shopper is to provide shoppers with access to the same goods they would find in a store, but at prices, they can afford. This type of shopping allows users to save money by taking advantage of discounts and promotional offers available online. The process of using RTB Shopper is simple and efficient; shoppers must select the item they wish to purchase, enter their payment information, and submit their order for processing. 

Once the order has been processed, the item will be delivered directly from the retailer in days or weeks, depending on availability and distance from the warehouse. In addition, once an item has been purchased through RTB Shopper, it comes with flexible payment options so that customers can choose how much they want to pay each month based on their budget.

RTB Shopper Features

  • Pricing & Plans
  • Customer Support
  • Security Considerations
  • User Reviews

RTB Shopper Alternatives

Own It Now Online

Own It Now Online

Own It Now Online is an online store that offers alternative options to Rent-A-Center. The website provides access to various brands and product categories, including furniture, appliances, electronics, and more. Customers can choose from flexible payment plans with no credit check required. 


Plus, customers can get free delivery on most items and enjoy discounts for returning customers. A 30-day money-back guarantee backs all products. Additionally, Own It Now Online offers financing plans that allow customers to make low monthly payments over time to own their desired item outright. Their customer service team is always available via phone or email for any questions or concerns about purchasing products from the store.

Own It Now features

  • Benefits: Convenience, Speed
  • Security: Fraud Prevention
  • Payment Processing: Safe & Secure
  • Customer Support: Helpful & Responsive
  • User Interface: Simple & Intuitive

No Compromise Gaming

No Compromise Gaming

No Compromise Gaming is a popular alternative to Rent-A-Center that allows gamers to rent their favorite gaming products without committing to long-term rental contracts. It offers a variety of advantages over Rent-A-Center, such as the ability to choose from more than 120,000 titles, no credit checks or deposits required, and free shipping both ways. 

There are also no hidden fees associated with No Compromise Gaming rentals. Additionally, gamers can upgrade their rental anytime for a minimal fee. Furthermore, all games are tested, cleaned, and in excellent condition when they arrive. Finally, customers can cancel or extend their rental plans at any time without penalty and get access to exclusive discounts on game purchases. 

No Compromise Gaming features

  • VR Technology: Immersive Experience
  • Graphics: Unparalleled Quality
  • Audio: Surround Sound
  • Controllers: Customization Options
  • Online Play: Competitive Multiplayer



WhyNotLeaseIt is a rent-to-own program that helps consumers obtain items without having to take out a loan or pay for them outright. This alternative to Rent-A-Center offers customers affordable payments and an easy way to own their desired products.


The program features no long-term contracts and allows customers to return their purchased items after making all payments. Customers can also upgrade their leased items at any time, allowing them to keep up with emerging technology trends.  Also, WhyNotLeaseIt does not require credit checks, making it accessible to people with bad or limited credit histories.

Furthermore, WhyNotLeaseIt offers flexible payment options such as weekly, biweekly, and monthly installments so customers can choose whichever payment plan works best for them. The company also has several promotional deals, including discounted fees and special financing rates, available throughout the year. With these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why many people choose this alternative over Rent-A-Center when it comes to purchasing furniture and electronics.

WhyNotLeaseIt features

  • Benefits: Cost, Credit, Security
  • Payment Options: Flexible & Easy
  • Customer Service: Fast & Simple
  • Selection: Variety of Products
  • Application Process: Smooth & Convenient
  • Leasing Made Easy

Preferred Lease/Acima

Preferred Acima

Lease Acima is an online rent-to-own store that provides customers flexible payment options. Unlike Rent-A-Center, which requires customers to make weekly payments on rental items, Lease Acima allows customers to pay monthly or biweekly installments over 12 months. Customers can also return their purchases within 90 days if unsatisfied with them and receive a full refund. 

Lease Acima offers free shipping on orders over $50 and no credit check for most of its products. Furthermore, the company has partnered with several national retailers and provides a wide variety of products including furniture, appliances, electronics, and much more. By providing an alternative to traditional rent-to-own stores like Rent-A-Center, Lease Acima gives customers an easy way to purchase items without worrying about long contracts or their credit scores.


Lease Acima features

  • Credit Checks
  • Flexible Payment Terms
  • Delivery Services



LeaseVille is a rent-to-own platform that allows customers to lease high-end furniture and appliances without needing credit checks. Unlike traditional rent-to-own companies like Rent-A-Center, LeaseVille does not require a large upfront payment or long-term contracts. Customers can choose from over 30,000 name-brand items and pay an affordable monthly fee for up to 12 months with the option of purchasing anytime. The company also offers free delivery and setup in most areas.

In addition to its payment plans, LeaseVille protects its customers against unexpected changes such as illness or job loss by offering “Worry Free” coverage, which waives payments if you cannot make them due to unforeseen circumstances. They also provide damage replacement coverage, so customers don’t have to worry about replacing expensive items if they become damaged during the leasing period. Finally, they offer “No Questions Asked” returns within seven days of delivery so customers can rest assured that they get exactly what they want before committing long term.

LeaseVille features

1: Cost Savings

2: Tenant Support

3: Automation

4: Reliable Payments

5: Security Features

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