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Have you ever tried to find a plumber who will arrive on time, complete all tasks for a good price?

Of course, at the moment it is enough to just write to Plumbers Prague in Google. You will have in front of you a list of companies that will be happy to help you with all types of plumbing work. But it doesn’t sound as rosy as it really is. My husband and I tried to call more companies. Every company deals with plumbing work. Everyone writes that they are professionals in the fields. Unfortunately, not everyone picked up the phone and had the opportunity to arrive.

 How to choose the right company?

It depends on several factors

  • What exactly is the task of a plumber looking for?
  • Do you need a plumbing emergency or are you willing to wait a few days and save a few crowns?

Of course, if you have a water accident, there is nothing to deal with and nothing to wait for. It is necessary for the plumber to reach you as soon as possible. He had all the necessary tools and materials with him. With which it easily and quickly eliminates the cause of the accident. In any case, it must be professional in the fields. According to our research, such a service will not be cheap. Mostly the installation emergency will cost from 3000 CZK and higher. It depends on the time period, the complexity of the repair, the material used.

If nothing is burning, there is no hurry and you have planned, for example, the replacement of radiators. It is always possible to choose a company on the Internet or on a recommendation.

Unfortunately, we met two cases, but fortunately, we were helped by a reliable company that I can recommend. At the beginning of March, I came home from work and discovered that we had the entire bathroom heated. I was “excited” about it! I was immediately looking for plumbers in Prague. Fortunately, I found the website On which it was written that the plumbers will arrive within 60 minutes. I called the control room. The man from the control room was very helpful, he asked me for an address and what I had a problem with. He promised that the plumber would arrive within 40 minutes. In less than half an hour, there were two young gentlemen in front of the door. All you had to do was show them the bathroom and then it was clear that the men knew what to do. Within 15 minutes, they were able to replace the ruptured pipe at the riser and save our apartment, our relationship with our neighbors, and my nerves. I can only recommend such a company.

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Now the question is what to do if you need a plumber in Prague? Your waste is clogged, you want to replace the radiator, faucets. Who to call for small work and who for the installation of a boiler room in a family house?

The water accident passed us. Thanks to the fact that we live in vineyards in a beautiful historic house, we had to call one more time. This time we wanted to replace the old cast iron radiators with new ones. We found modern beautiful radiators from the brand “Korado”. If we travel somewhere we like to inspire, we have seen such radiators in hotels in Greece. The plumbers were very helpful and offered the intention of free radiators. Finally, after three weeks, we received radiators. The plumber installed the radiators. They disposed of old and heavy cast iron radiators. As a bonus, they left no dust behind. Now we know if the plumbing or heating work only

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