How Texas Gambling Laws Affect Online Gambling In Texas

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The Lonestar state is not only home to cowboys but some of the USA’s top sports bettors.

Today we will go over some of the Laws and guidelines for sports betting in Texas as well as some tips to follow when choosing an online bookie.

The legality of Sports Betting in Texas

Although Offshore Gambling sites aren’t illegal, Texas sports betting still isn’t technically allowed. This hasn’t stopped inhabitants of the Lone Star State from engaging in sports betting through offshore betting sites. Infact the impact of COVID-19 has clearly spiked the amount of betting happening not just from Texas but globally!

Bettors from Texas can get informed regarding the options they have and the legal status by turning to reliable platforms, such as Basketballinsiders recommendations for the best offshore bookies available with detailed reviews as well as useful information about all the bonuses and promotions available before choosing a bookie.

As of currently, Sports betting doesn’t seem to be getting any passes with expected legalisation in texas by late 2023 if at all. This news comes as a bit of a shock for texan betters with a recent university poll study showing an astounding 43% in favour of sports betting. This leaves Texan bettors left with two options, either to wait until legislation finally takes shape, or continue to use trusted offshore bookies like the ones found on the review. Betting on offshore bookies will not land you in any trouble since there are no laws regarding offshore betting. This means you can technically and legally wager on sports betting.

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How are the Laws affecting Texan Gamblers?

As of currently the laws only serve to deter texan gamblers. With many resorting to using offshore bookies to wager. This in the long run will hurt the Texas economy. Why lose out on all the tax and general revenue generated from sports betting when you can take a piece of the pie from regulation. This will not only serve texan bettors with regulated sites but also their general economy.

Tips For Choosing The Right Offshore Bookie

First and foremost you should make sure the bookie of choice has the variety of sports games you prefer to wager on. After all, it’s no use choosing a bookie with the best bonuses only to find out they don’t offer any betting options for your preferred sport. This also rings through for the more experienced bettors looking for particular betting types. Make sure the site has the preferred sports and betting types to suit your needs.

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Check for Bonuses/Promotions

With so many offshore betting sites available, competition is hot. This is great for players since most sites tend to use bonuses and promotions to attract potential customers. It’s recommended to check out what’s on offer before choosing a bookie. It’s also recommended to use these welcome bonuses! Too many times we see these promotions go to waste by players eager to place their bet, remember slow and steady wins the race!

Safety & Security

This is probably by far the most important step when looking for a bookie. In today’s digital world data is a fundamental resource. Companies use data to better their marketing tactics and much more. Scammers on the other hand have much more deviant ways of using your data such as blackmailing. For this reason it would be wise to only look at bookies with great security. So how do we check a website’s security? For starters make sure the website has SSL encryption, which makes it extremely difficult for potential scammers and hackers to read the data going through the site. A quick way to know if the site has SSL encryption is by looking at the top left of your screen, just before the link of the website you should see a locked padlock(the symbol for SSL). Websites that do not have this padlock should be avoided. Almost all high quality sites will have SSL encryption to make sure their customers’ data is safe.

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Customer Service Options

This is another super important tip to follow before choosing a bookie. Let’s look for their contact options, do they offer live chat, email or phone call services. Max points will go for live chat options. Something to keep note of is the opening hours of such services. Since we are talking about offshore bookies, the time zones might play a vital role in the service that can be offered to players. The best of the best bookies will offer 24/7 support. If the bookie you have chosen does not, you should make sure they at least are open during the hours you generally prefer to play. It can be a very frustrating experience when you’re trying to bet, run into an error and have zero support available to help resolve your problem. Especially if you’re the type of bettor who’s on the go and doesn’t have much time to wager in the first place!