Chris Potoski Bio, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Career & Family

chris potoski

BIOGRAPHY of Chris Potoski

The businessman was born in the USA in 1972, but his exact date of birth is unknown, he is 47 years old today, his nationality is American, while he is of the white ethnicity.Due to the missing date of birth, her birth sign is not available; there is no information about her family, her siblings or her early life. Speaking of academic background, he graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree. He specialized in two subjects: physiology and kinesiology. No information is currently available on his height, weight and body measurements. He has brown hair.And his eyes are brown too. After all, Chris isn’t active on social media as he doesn’t have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

CAREER of Chris Potoski

Chris Potoski has done so many professions to make a living that it is not so easy to list them all. Your involvement in healthcare remains one of the most important components of your professional career. Healing Health Services for nearly 5 years since 1995. He also starred in many adult films. In the late 1990s he started working for a business development and director. 

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His company, TJC Assets, was founded in 2004.It is a digital media company that is responsible for the professional management of digital databases. His founding company, Tracey Jordan Properties, is one of the most successful Potoski companies in the corporate world. It has many luxury hotels and resorts under it. It’s open to the public. Vacation accommodation and other reasons.

In 2004, Potoski started a new company called No Rivals Media, which unfortunately didn’t last long and closed in 2008. In addition, TJC is also known as the founder of Invixis Media Systems and as the VP of Regent Medical. Throughout his career, he has won many prestigious awards for his hard work and excellent business knowledge, including Presidents (NHC), President’s Club (CURE) and many others.

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FAMILY of Chris Potoski

Chris is a married man. He is married to Brandi Love. Brandi Love was his longtime girlfriend and also known by the name Tracey Lynn Livemore. Brandi is one of the most beautiful porn stars. The couple married on February 10, 1995.The duo have a daughter from their relationship, but her details are not yet known. The couple led a happy married life with their wife and daughter in North Carolina, USA. Since there are no rumors of their breakup. Even after the marriage, Brandi. She is still active in her profession and the couple have never had a conflict over their profession.

NET WORTH of Chris Potoski

Chris began his calling in 1995 as Director of Business Development in Healing Health Services, from which moment he joined the National Healing Corporation and began the position of Vice President of Business Development, where he also worked for more than five years and resigned in July 20005. In June 2004, the Veterans Representative formed his own organization.That’s called No Rivals Media. He headed the organization from 2004 to 2008. 

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He was also Vice President at Regent Medical Solutions. In addition, he was CEO of InVixis for around 5 1/2 years. He has currently headed TJC Asset Management as Chief Operating Officer since June 2004. In addition, Chris has also been the founder and chief operating officer of Tracey Jordan Properties since July 2014.It’s been a long time since he ran the organization together with his better half. 

Therefore, his estimated net worth in 2019 is $ 10 million, although his salary is not disclosed.