How do the Changing Rates of Cryptos affect Playing on Crypto Casinos?

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Even though the popularity of cryptos has increased, people don’t still fully trust the concept. The change rates are not stable, cryptos are just numbers on the internet, and cryptos are often just used as an investment instead of an everyday currency. But can you use cryptos in your daily life? Maybe not in every situation, but in many cases, you can. For example, the internet is nowadays full of different kinds of online casinos that accept transactions with cryptos. How do the changing rates of cryptos affect the gaming experience in an online casino? Let’s find out. 

Do the changing rates affect playing in a casino? 

We asked this question from Finnish casino experts from, and according to them, the change rate does not directly affect playing in an online casino. Overall, using and playing in an online casino stays the same, and the chosen payment method does not affect that. The only notable difference is the actual payment method consumers need to use when depositing or withdrawing money. 

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According to Oscar from, consumers should be more careful when playing in an online casino with cryptocurrency. Because the rates change nearly every minute, users might not understand how much money they are playing with. If the change rate rises quickly, users might play with more money than they originally planned. That is the only negative effect of playing in an online casino with cryptocurrencies. 

What things affect the rates of cryptos? 

The change rate of a cryptocurrency is affected by three factors: visibility on different platforms, overall supply and demand, and the frequency of mining. All of these factors are related to each other. The most significant and influential factor is visibility since the more a cryptocurrency is visible on social media, traditional media, and other platforms, the more people are interested in it. When more people are interested in a cryptocurrency, the demand for it increases, and consumers are willing to pay more money to buy it. Also, when people see the increasing demand, they are more likely to start mining cryptocurrency. 

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Can you predict the price of a cryptocurrency? 

If a consumer wants to take playing in a crypto casino to an extreme level, they can start to try to predict the future prices of cryptocurrencies. According to, it is possible to predict the future change rate of cryptocurrencies, but you need a lot of skills and luck. A person just needs to use technical, fundamental, and quantitative analysis to predict the development of the change rate of a cryptocurrency.

In technical analysis, a person needs to study the statistical trends based on different indicators. Fundamental analysis involves the evaluation of all aspects of the market, including economic and political conditions and all the domestic and global factors. In the last stage, quantitative analysis, a person needs to look at the market’s historical performance and use the found data to predict the future.

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