Energy Efficient Windows vs Regular Windows

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If you’re planning vinyl replacement windows, then you’ll probably be interested to know the difference between ordinary and energy-saving designs.Read about it in our article.

What Are Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy-efficient windows are designed to prevent heat or cool leakage from the house. 

They’re designed to reduce energy consumption and therefore minimize your bills. 

In addition, energy-efficient window structures make the house more comfortable at any time of the year.

This type of window is usually marked with the Energy Star logo. 

This logo means that the products meet a variety of standards and restrictions.

In our northern climate, windows that transmit infrared light are usually installed. Thanks to this, it is possible to keep warm air inside the house. 

Difference Between Energy Efficient Windows and Regular Windows

  • Seal

In the traditional variant, a standard seal is used, while the energy-saving one uses an inert gas (krypton or argon) to reduce conductivity.

  • Glass

Normally, they are not coated. Energy-efficient designs treat glass to reflect heat. This will keep home heat inside in winter and minimize the amount of solar heat that enters your home in summer. 

  • Number of glass panes

Most standard windows have one panel. Energy efficient windows have double or triple glazing. 

As we said, to increase efficiency, the space between the windows is filled with krypton or argon. Low conductivity pads are also used between them.

  • Material

We recommend you to pay attention to vinyl: this material does not rot, rust or deform, which is especially important for the construction to remain effective throughout its service life.

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