Best Tennis Betting Strategies in 2022

Tennis Betting Strategies

2022 has been quite an interesting year in tennis. Punters can find excellent and highly detailed live tennis scores only at, which are also available for a wide range of matches and tournaments.

This sport is highly dynamic, and for this reason, it can certainly offer great wagering opportunities. There are some strategies that are highly recommended in order to increase one’s chances of being successful, such as:

  • pay attention to emerging talents, like Carlos Alcaraz or Casper Ruud;
  • try to follow the evolution of different players by getting information regarding their performances in different championships;
  • also, it is a good idea to wager on minor tournaments, where some of the best players of upcoming years can be found.
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When all of this is combined with the live tennis scores, which are only available at 1xBet, punters will get better chances than ever before when wagering.

Generational change

As it always happens in tennis and in other sports, a generation of players is saying goodbye to the sport, while others are emerging to take over. For example, the case of Roger Federer’s retirement was painful news for all tennis lovers. Don’t forget to visit in order to start wagering on other highly talented and successful players.

Other tennis players of his generation are Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Of course, despite their age, it is still a good idea to continue wagering on them, as their performances continue being top-notch. You can wager on all their matches at the 1xBet online bookmaker.

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At the same time, punters should also pay attention to younger players who are winning their first tournaments. The case of Carlos Alcaraz is probably the most notable one, where he managed to win the US Open and become ATP’s number 1 player. Athletes like those are also worth wagering on.

Lots of different tournaments

Tennis has a wide range of different competitions. By the way, punters can also make horse racing betting through 1xBet in a wide range of tournaments at any moment. In championships like futures and challengers it is possible to find players that will probably be the stars of upcoming years. For this reason, it is definitely a good idea to follow their performances and start wagering on them.
When going to higher-level tournaments it is also possible to find lots of other highly skilled tennis players. Even those who are approaching their retirement still have a lot to give. For this reason, these are also athletes for which it is a good idea to bet on. Also, betting on horse racing events is another great activity that can be done on the 1xBet online bookmaker alongside wagering on tennis matches.

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