Antiques Atlas And Their Alternatives

Antiques Atlas

Antiques Atlas

Antiques Atlas is a website and mobile app dedicated to helping people find antiques and collectible items worldwide. It features an extensive directory of dealers, auctioneers, fairs, and shows in the UK, Europe, and Australia. Users can browse through their catalog of products to find what they are looking for or use specific filters such as location or category for a more targeted search.

 The site also offers detailed appraisal reports on individual items so users can get estimated values before buying. Additionally, Antiques Atlas allows users to connect with other enthusiasts by creating a profile page and joining forums related to their interests. Finally, it offers advice from professionals about which items are worth investing in or how to care for them properly once acquired.

Antiques Atlas features

1: Listed Auctions

2: Guides & Advice

3: Marketplace

4: Community Forum

5: Resource Library

Antiques Atlast Alternatives



The internet has made it easier to research the history and value of antiques and collectibles. One of the most popular resources used by collectors is Worthpoint, an online database that stores and displays information on items from various categories, such as furniture, pottery, coins, art, jewelry, books, and more. But Worthpoint is one of many options. This article will discuss similar services to Worthpoint and their features.

#1: Pricing Plans

#2: Searchability

#3: Research Tool


#4: Image Library

#5: Authentication Services



TIAS stands for The Internet Antique Shop, a website established in 1995. It is the oldest and largest online antique mall, with more than 1 million items available from over 4,000 dealers. TIAS offers shoppers various antiques and collectibles ranging from furniture to jewelry to toys. It also provides a searchable database of dealer inventories, allowing customers to easily find what they are looking for.

TIAS provides several features designed to make shopping easier, such as advanced search capabilities that allow users to narrow down their results by item type or price range. Additionally, customers can create wish lists or compare prices among different dealers. For those new to collecting antiques and collectibles, there are guides on identifying an item’s age or how to care for it properly. TIAS also has auction listings, allowing collectors to bid on rare items in real-time auctions or purchase merchandise through their Buy Now feature.

TIAS features

1: Dashboard

2: Automation

3: Security

4: Scalability

5: Flexibility

Antique Trader

Antique Trader

Antique Trader is a monthly magazine that covers all aspects of the antique and collectible market. It offers news, tips, reviews, and articles on trends in antiques. The magazine also includes price guides to help buyers and sellers determine the value of their items. Additionally, readers can find information on identifying authentic items, including expert advice, auction results, and more.

 Antique Trader also hosts events throughout the year, such as trade shows where buyers and sellers can meet face-to-face. The magazine also maintains an online marketplace where customers can buy or sell goods directly to one another without having to go through a third-party source. Lastly, Antique Trader provides an extensive library of reference material for those interested in learning more about antiques and collecting.


Antique Trader Features

  • Common Types: Coins, Furniture, Jewelry
  • Benefits of Collecting: Investment, Fun, History
  • Knowing the Value: Research & Research Prices
  • Building a Collection: Patience & Knowledge
  • Finding Dealers: Local Shops & Online Source



Kovels is an online price guide and resource for antiques and collectibles. Authors and experts Ralph and Terry Kovel founded it in 1953. Their website,, offers a range of services, including free price guides, subscription-based access to more detailed information such as auction prices, current market values, up-to-date news on the antique industry, and educational content about antiques collecting. 

The site also features a searchable database of thousands of pieces which can be filtered by type or maker’s name and product reviews from respected authorities in their field. In addition to their online resources, they publish several books annually with detailed advice on caring for and identifying antique items. With over 60 years of experience in the business, Kovels makes it easier than ever to find out what your antique or collectible item is worth.

Kovels Features

  1. Price Guides & Newsletters
  2. Online Shopping & Appraisals
  3. Collectors Community
  4. Expert Advice

Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions is one of the world’s most renowned auction houses, specializing in rare coins and banknotes, books, vintage comics, sports memorabilia, and other collectibles. Heritage offers a wide selection of tradable items from various categories, such as Americana, Art & Design, Historical Memorabilia, Books & Manuscripts.

The company has become known for its expertise in authenticating items to ensure quality assurance. Their authentication process involves assessing numerous factors, including condition reports and quality grading. They also provide valuations on all their collections to ensure buyers receive fair market value when they purchase goods through their auctions. Additionally, they offer various payment options, such as PayPal or Cashier’s Check to cater to different forms of payment preference.

In addition, to live auctions held regularly in multiple cities worldwide, such as Dallas and New York City, Heritage also offers online bidding for customers who need help to make it out to an event location or prefer the convenience of bidding remotely from home. The online platform allows customers access to detailed descriptions about each item available for sale and direct links so customers can communicate directly with the consignors if desired. Customers can also set up customized notifications to alert them when specific criteria are met (e.g., bids on an item have reached a certain amount).

Heritage Auctions features

  • Auction Types
  • Categories and Items
  • Collecting Trends
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Shipping & Payment Options
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