Albin Sikora Bio, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Career & Family

albin sikora

You might have heard about Joseph Sikora, and even seen him in a few movies and TV shows. However, you might not know about his twin brother Albin Sikora. As Joseph Sikora rushed towards fame and entered the world of acting, Albin preferred to be in the background. 

However, Joseph Sikora is exceptionally fond of his twin brother and they are always seen together. The brothers feel the most comfortable with each other and have even decided to open a productions company together. It is like Joseph is the face and Albin is the brain behind the company.

Today, we will be getting to know the brain of the new production company that the brothers have decided to open. It was opened last year and they already have tons of works to show the world.   

Albin Sikora Early Life

Albina Sikora was born on June 27, 1976, in Chicago, Illinois. Along with him, his brother Joseph Sikora was born too. Both of them are twins. Their parents are Albin and Barbara Sikora. He is of Polish and Dutch descent. 

In an interview, Joseph had revealed that when he would be going for his theatre classes, Albin would be more interested in stories and literature. Albin had also confessed that he was never in love with life in front of the stage or front of the camera. He preferred to be the working person behind all of the actions. 

Though it is yet unknown which school and college he went to. Joseph had shared that his brother was very keen to learn languages. He had also gone to Bulgaria with the peace corps for two years. This made him extremely efficient in speaking and writing Bulgaria. 

Albin can also speak Latin. He also taught Greek to the undergrad students of his college for quite some time. He had worked at McDonald’s’ where his brother had filmed the commercial with Michael Jordan.   

Albin Sikora Age

Born in 1976, Albin Sikora is 45 years old now. He had always loved to know about new languages and read the stories in those languages. Stories had always been an interesting art for him. He loves to write and even read about the different cultures of the world. 

This made him an invaluable asset to the production company that they are starting with.   

Albin Sikora Sexual Relationships

There is very little information on the internet about Albin Sikora. As of now, he is confirmed to be single.

There doesn’t seem to be in particular person on his social media with whom he can have a potential love relationship. There is also no information regarding his past lovers as such.   

Albin Sikora Relationship with his Parents and Brother

Albin Sikora seems to be extremely close to his family. Even on his Instagram, one would find a lot of pictures with his family. Sikora seems to be extremely fond of his twin brother Joseph Sikora.

He is also opening up a production company with his brother. He seems to be a family person and loves to spend time with them. He has a special fondness for his place of birth Chicago. Thereby, he wants to give it due respect by making movies and shows that are Chicago-centric.   

Albin Sikora Net Worth 

As there has been hardly any information regarding what Albin Sikora was doing before they decided to go for the production company; it is difficult to calculate his net worth.

Even if his parents would be famous, it would be easier to estimate the worth. However, now that he is in the production company, his net worth might reach up to $1 million approximately. 

Albin Sikora Work

As mentioned before, we hardly have information on Albin Sikora, however, now he is opening a production company with his brother, Joseph Sikora. They have named the company Black Fox Production. Their love for their native place Chicago had inspired them to open the company. They strive to produce movies and shows that are Chicago-centric.

The production company is already producing the fourth series of “Power” where Joseph plays a pivotal role. They had also mentioned that they are already getting tons of scripts and Albin is in charge of handling the stories and manuscripts.