Prank Call Voice Changer App by Ownage Pranks And their Alternatives

Prank Call Voice Changer App by Ownage Pranks

Prank Call Voice Changer App by Ownage Pranks

MyPhoneRobot is a prank call voice changer app created by Ownage Pranks. With this app, users can record and alter their voices to sound like different characters, allowing them to customize their prank calls and make them even more convincing. The app also has various other features, such as uploading custom audio clips, playing pre-recorded lines from the Ownage Pranks library, and creating personalized call scripts. 

MyPhoneRobot comes with an auto-dialer that allows users to set up multiple calls at once for maximum prank potential. Finally, the app also provides access to a wide selection of celebrity soundboards so users can imitate famous people to get reactions from their victims. All these features come together in one powerful package that will give pranksters lots of creative opportunities to pull off hilarious pranks.

Prank Call features

  • Benefits: Fun & Entertainment
  • Voice Changer Features: Quality, Variety, Reliability
  • User Interaction: Easy Installation, Customization
  • Security Considerations
  • Popularity & Ratings

Prank Call Voice Changer App by Ownage Pranks Alternatives

Boomrang – Prank Calls

Boomrang - Prank Calls

Prank calling is one of the oldest and most entertaining forms of pranking. With apps like MyPhoneRobot, prank calls can become even more fun. This app allows you to make prank calls from your phone or desktop, record conversations, and listen to custom greetings. The best part about this app is that it has a built-in voice changer, which allows you to be anonymous when making a call. 

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Additionally, it features “boomerang” mode, where your recorded conversation will be sent back to the person you made the original call to so they can hear what was said in return. This feature makes for some hilarious pranks as it catches people off guard when they hear their voice coming back at them! Using text-to-speech technology, you can also use this app for practical jokes, such as playing pre-recorded sounds during a call or setting up automated messages. MyPhoneRobot is an excellent tool for those looking to take their prank-calling game up a notch!

Prank Call Apps feature

  1. Efficiency and Quality
  2. User Interface Design
  3. Availability and Pricing

Fake Call PRO

Fake Call PRO

Fake Call PRO is an app that allows users to simulate incoming calls and messages on their mobile devices. The app offers a range of features that make it easier for users to create a believable fake call or message. Users can choose the caller’s name, number, and photo to make the call more realistic. They can also customize the conversation and set up multiple call schedules. Additionally, they can select different ringtones and vibration patterns to add further realism to the scenario. With Fake Call PRO, users have complete control over when they receive fake calls or messages and who calls them—allowing them to stay safe while still enjoying prank-calling their friends.

Fake Call PRO features

1: Customizable Calls

2: Set Timers

3: Record Messages

4: Change Caller ID

5: Schedule Appointments



MyPhoneRobot is an app that allows you to prank your friends easily. This app offers a variety of features, including fake calls, text messages, and emails. You can even use the app to call a random number and pretend to be someone else. There are also options for sending pre-recorded sound effects and messages through the app. The possibilities for pranks with this feature are endless!

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Another great feature of MyPhoneRobot is its ability to customize prank calls. You can set up custom responses from your friend when they answer the phone or have someone imitate another person’s voice to fool them into believing they’re talking with somebody else. You can also set up automatic recordings of conversations between you and your friends so you can later replay them back as a joke. So if you’re looking for an easy way to prank your friends without putting in too much effort, MyPhoneRobot might be the right tool for you!

EasyPrank features

  1. Prank Calls
  2. SMS Pranks
  3. In-Person Pranks
  4. Automatic Pranks
  5. Customizable Features



Foxycall is a mobile application that allows users to make and receive calls from their phones with the help of their computers. It offers both outgoing and incoming call services, allowing users to connect with family, friends, business contacts, or anyone else in the world quickly and easily. The app uses VoIP technology to make calls, meaning that users don’t have to pay additional fees for long-distance calling. Foxycall also has several features, such as caller ID spoofing and text messaging services, so that users can stay connected with their friends or colleagues even on the go. 

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Additionally, its ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode ensures users can remain undisturbed while they are busy doing something else. Foxycall also has an automated voice message service that allows users to set up custom messages whenever someone calls them, and they can’t answer right away. Finally, it includes a comprehensive contact list, making it easy for people to store, manage, access, and share all their numbers in one place without having to remember them manually.

Foxycall Features

  1. Call Recording
  2. Auto-Dialer
  3. Voicemail Transcription
  4. International Calling
  5. Smartphone App
  6. Pricing Options



MyPhoneRobot is an app that allows users to make and receive calls from their phones. It works by connecting the user’s phone to a virtual number, which can then be used for making and receiving calls. The app offers features such as call forwarding, voicemail and SMS messaging, international calling, caller ID spoofing, and more. Geniecalls is one of the features provided by MyPhoneRobot.

Geniecalls is a virtual receptionist feature that lets users take advantage of automated voice recognition technology to have incoming calls answered quickly and efficiently. This feature allows users to create customized greetings for different callers or even use pre-recorded messages when someone calls them. It makes it easier for people to answer their phones without worrying about answering each call manually. Geniecalls also allows users to set up conference calls with multiple parties and schedule appointments with customers or clients directly through the app’s interface.

Geniecalls Features

  • Automated Receptionist
  • Customizable Greetings
  • Business Hours & Hold Music
  • Voicemail Transcriptions
  • Call Recording & Analytics
  • Integrations & Support
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