Aaron Kendrick De Niro Bio, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Career & Family

aaron kendrick de niro

Aaron Kendrick De Niro is the son of the world-famous actor, Robert De Niro. However, as we all know with celebrity kids, people tend to have a lot of fame. This fame is in turn always exploited by the star kids. However, Aaron Kendrick has managed to go as far as possible from the spotlight. 

The young man belongs to a family filled with movie stars, even his grandparents were quite well known. Descending from such a popular family, Kendrick De Niro doesn’t want to be the heir to the family’s popularity. His siblings have tried to make their fame in the world. Is there any specific reason why he wants to get out of the world of fame and spotlight? We have to look deep into his life to know more. 

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Early Life

Born on October 20, 1995, Aaron Kendrick De Niro was born to Robert De Niro and Toukie Smith. Aaron was born through a surrogate and has a twin brother. However, Kendrick has many step-siblings like Helen De Niro, Raphael De Niro, and others. They are related to him through his father’s side. 

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His mother, Toukie Smith, was also an actress and model. Both his parents had always enjoyed the glory of the spotlight on them. However, both the twins had detested the spotlight for as long as they can remember. 

Born in the United States of America, the celebrity kid had never gone to any private school that is meant for star kids like him. He was enrolled in a local high school, and he graduated in 2015. However, he has kept his existence so underground that there is no news about his college degree. We don’t know whether he went to any college or not. 

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Age

As of present, Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s age is 26 years old. Though we have never seen a birthday picture of him, based on his date of birth, it becomes quite evident. 

Another fun fact about Kendrick is that you can’t find him anywhere in the world of social media. He has an Instagram account, but it is kept private. He has hardly 500 followers, and it is said that he only allows people to follow, whom he knows personally. 

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It does seem that Kendrick goes quite out of the way to hide his existence from the spotlight of the world. 

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Love Life

Celebrity kids might not always get into the movie industry or the acting career. However, they do get known for their scandalous love lives. However, this is again quite the opposite for Aaron Kendrick. 

Keeping his social media private, and having a closed group of friends, there is hardly any way to know who he is dating or if he is single. 

Though everyone assumes he is just single for the longest time he was never found dating anyone as such. He is not married, as at least a news like that tends to get around.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Net Worth

Aaron Kendrick has kept such a low profile that we have no clue about his profession. Not knowing the profession makes calculating the basic net worth is quite difficult too. 

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If we had an idea about his profession, it makes the estimation easier. Hence, we have to calculate it based on his parents’ net worth. Robert De Niro is quite a famous actor and his net worth goes as far as $500 million. His mother, Toukie Smith was an actress and model, and her net worth goes up to $3 million.

Even if Kendrick was unemployed, he would be heir to his parents’ money. Hence, we can estimate it to about $10 million approximately.     

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Career

Robert De Niro had been asked quite multiple times about Kendrick’s career. Though the actor has revealed that he had tried to bring Kendrick into the acting world. He had also mentioned that Kendrick seemed to have a natural talent for acting, but he never went to venture that side. 

De Niro had also said that he does not want to force his children to go for a specific career. They are all welcome to choose whatever they want to. Hence, we do have very little clue about what exactly Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s career is.

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