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autumn snyder

Autumn Snyder was the beautiful daughter of the eminent director Zack Snyder. Autumn was appreciated for her charitable works. But it was a very sad thing that she couldn’t make her life without depression. She committed suicide at a very early age.

Early life and family background of Autumn Snyder

Autumn Snyder was born on 27th of November, 1996. She was from China. She belongs to Zack Snyder’s child among all eight children. It is said that Zack Snyder is Autumn’s adopted father. 

Nothing is known about her biological father or mother. But after being adopted by Zack Snyder, Autumn spent her life’s important part in Pasadena.

Autumn’s father Zack Snyder was married to Weber. And this couple had two children from their marriage. The Names of these two children are Olivia Snyder and Eli Snyder.

This couple also adopted another baby girl named Willow. But soon Zack Snyder and Weber broke up with each other and separated. Zack then tied the knot with Deborah. This new couple adopted another two children who are Cash Snyder and Sage Snyder.

It is also noticeable that Zack had another two children from his very first relationship with Kristen Elin.

Whatever, Autumn Snyder used to love his father’s profession. Gradually she started her journey towards the film industry. She made a firm decision of being a successful actress in her near future.

Autumn was very much fond of writing, she kept writing and updating her daily life in a private diary.

Educational background of Autumn Snyder

Snyder attended Sarah Lawrence College after finishing her high school. But the saddest part is that she couldn’t conclude her studies because she committed suicide right after one year of college period.

Autumn Snyder had been working on a SciFi novel, she composed it by herself. But it was unfortunate that the book was not published as she took her life.

Snyder is the only one child of Zack who was very close to writing. She started sharpening her writing skill while in Sarah Lawrence College.

Love and relationship of Autumn Snyder

Autumn Snyder was very much private in some cases, so in her relationship. She was dating a teenage actor. But it’s not that much confirmed. Some netizen said that may be love complications are the reason behind her suicide. But it was proved that, before the time of suicide she was single.

Tragic life ending of young Snyder

Autumn Snyder’s life was not as good as it looked like. She went into depression and took her life at the age of 20 on 12th of March, 2017.

It was reported that she was continuing her medication and psychological treatment. She was going through tough struggle, it exposed through whatever she wrote down. Even though she wrote down whenever she became depressed, she couldn’t make it out.

It was tough to get out from this brutal accident for Autumn Snyder’s family, somehow this unimaginable incident raise the awareness in the city against suicide. 

A heartful personality- Autumn Snyder

Autumn Snyder was very prominent in the society for her extraordinary works towards the wellness of society. She founded the Write-A-Thon charity, this charity trust was completely dedicated to the homeless poor mothers. 

Also she was involved with the Elizabeth House which helped the poor people in the society. 

Legacy of Autumn Snyder

When Autumn Snyder took her life, her father Zack was involved in making the movie Justice league. After the demise of Autumn, Zack decided to stay away from the film industry, rather he would spend time with family. 

He eventually reported in an interview that he wanted to stay with his family during that hard time. 

Zack Snyder left the justice league to Joss Whendon. Joss rewrote the script and directed the movie in a whole new style. The movie was reviewed very poorly by the public.

As a tribute and legacy to Autumn Snyder, Zack Snyder’s Justice league finishes with the song Hallelujah sung by Leonard Cohen. This song consists of the words “For Autumn”.