9 Best Pilot And Aviation Watches For Your Collection

aviation watches

What makes a pilot or aviation watch distinct from the rest of the watches available for men? Isn’t it that you can use any watch by top-notch brands for aviation purposes? Does it make a difference to buy an aviation watch to add to my collection? Why can’t we have it all in one wristwatch if you can squeeze all possible functions in one wristwatch?

There are a handful of features that defines a pilot watch from sports watches. Pilot and aviation watches are preferably large when it comes to dialing sizes. They have Arabic numerals, indexes, and high contrast hands. To assist with any fuel burn, wind correction angle, and other related calculations, pilot and aviation watches are made with flight computer bezel markings.

This list will show different styles and colors of pilot and aviation watches. See for yourself what makes this kind of function into your collection and how incredibly amazing the craft of pilot and aviation watch is. You might have a favorite or style that can also fit your daily mood when you are not taking flight across countries.

Bell and Ross Collection Aviation BR

Bell and Ross are designed a high-tech chronograph with a sporty robust design, which makes this timepiece a sophisticated choice for men. The watch uses black rubber on heavy-duty synthetic fabric straps that hold the satin-brushed steel case and screw-in crown. All these ingredients make this Bell and Ross aviation watch a very durable model and a very smart buy for men.

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IWC Big Pilot Black Dial Automatic Men’s Watch

IWC’s pilot and aviation watches are a sure hit to watch connoisseurs. The watch’s 168-hour power reserve that guarantees the accuracy of time for the whole 8 days and its ‘unmistakable visual features’ makes this a great and one of the top choices to spend on. The hands of the timepiece are like propellers, offering an aesthetically classic for this modern time.

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Watch

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Watch features its automatic movement, luminescent hands, and markers, and also, the timepiece can go to 200 meters of water resistance. There are plenty of features to discuss but those alone make this watch very practical in design. This must-have item is super sleek and stylish featuring a 46mm stainless steel case that is complemented by a dark brown leather strap. Arabic numeral minute markers, date and day display, a black dial, and an exhibition case back.

Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33

Does the name sound familiar? In addition to having a name referenced from Star Wars, Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 is a collaboration of Omega with the Solar Impulse Project Brand. They aimed to go around the globe in an airplane powered only by the sun. The features include lightweight design, iPad application, skeletonized hands, and onboard reliability. Grab one and enjoy all these features at the wrist of your hand.

Garmin D2 Bravo Aviation Watch

The Garmin D2 Bravo Aviation Watch has various timers and vibrating alerts that wirelessly receive a flight plan from the Garmin Pilot. These are some of the key features Garmin is offering in this aviation timepiece. The brand insists that it is the first pilot watch to help in the in-flight, high-sensitivity WAAS GPS receiver. This excellent choice of brand and watch has displays and timers that are customizable making it a very personalized watch for men.


The Longines Aviation

The Longines Aviation watch has perfected its craft through this watch’s powerful movement and functions, with self-winding mechanical movement beating at around 28,000 vibrations per hour and providing 48 hours of power reserve. The strap is an alligator type in a distinct black shade. The dial is black-matte with painted Arabic numerals. This is a recommended model for men who have tones of black themes in the closet because of the silver sandy hands that complete this timepiece.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King

Rolex, the brand selling classic styling and contemporary luxury. This watch preserves the aeronautical heritage of the original Rolex Oyster collection. Rolex added newer and more attractive features to this aviation watch. The timepiece’s distinct back dial with silver hands and hints of emerald green adds to the watch’s character and incorporates these classic elements and newer technology.

Alpina Men’s Startimer Pilot Watch

To craft and design a pilot and aviation watch, one must think of precision for the timepiece. Alpina’s pilot watches have been crafted and designed this way. This timepiece features a highly accurate Swiss quartz movement including six jewels and 48 months of battery life. The design for the Alpina Men’s Startimer Pilot Watch came from Alpina’s long and far back experience in introducing pilot watches for the continental air forces. This Alpina was made sure to fit all military aviation watch specifications.


Breitling Exospace B55

A watch that is just as appealing as its features, this is the Breitling Exospace B55. you will notice the brightness and vividness of the watch’s outer looks, with bold black and neon cobalt image. If you are a man who prefers to have an unsubtle timepiece on his wrist you can work with this one. The Exospace B55’s functions have been tailor-made for Pilots including an exclusive SuperQuartz movement. This timepiece is fashionably wearable and functional with all the features great for aviation and pilots.

In Conclusion

Pilot watches are convenient for their unheard-of designs and the features that they were formed with. Timepieces that are uniquely stylish and highly functional are always the right choice for both keeping precise time and looking great on the wrist. They are perfect for men’s galleries of watches, especially those who enjoy a trip in the skies.

We see watches as a bejeweled accessory that can only tell the time. An underrated item that we take for granted because its functions are available almost anywhere. From the city trains’ digital watch to your bedroom’s baseball clock and alarm clock.

If you’re looking for a unique timepiece for your collection, then these pieces are the ones that you should start on. Collecting wristwatches is not just a lucrative hobby, but one that holds sentimental value for every collector. Don’t know where to find them? You can check out The Watch Company’s extensive wristwatch catalog, and order them at the comforts of your home!