4 Questions You Should Ask Your Plastic Surgeon and Why?

Plastic Surgeon

When you’re looking to make a significant life change like getting plastic surgery, you want to do it right. Taking such a big step can be scary, but staying in the know will only make your surgery as smooth as possible. You want to know as much as you can before heading into surgery, and that starts with asking the right questions. So here are four questions that you should be asking your plastic surgeon to make sure you’re making the right decision.

Am I A Good Candidate for The Procedure?

When you’re looking to get plastic surgery, your plastic surgeon will usually want to know why you’re getting the surgery. The more open you are, the better they can help you. They may ask why you want the procedure and what your goals are. Your answers will help them determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure or if other options might work better for you. 


If a procedure isn’t suitable for your body type or lifestyle, it could be more hassle than worth it. Additionally, it would be best to ask the question because you don’t want to go through the procedure only to find out that you aren’t a good candidate for the surgery.

How Many of These Procedures Have You Performed?

Asking a plastic surgeon how many procedures they’ve done can help you feel more comfortable. For example, if they’re new to the field, you may want to look at someone who has more experience. You may also want to ask them how many of those procedures were similar to what you’re getting.

When you ask a plastic surgeon how many procedures they’ve performed, it can be complicated for them to answer that question accurately. For example, it could be hard for them to give an accurate number because of their location or the type of practice. Some surgeons might also not remember all of their surgeries accurately, so it would be best to ask them how they keep track of them. If you’re looking for someone who has a lot of experience, you may want to ask them about their training. You can also ask if they have any certifications or special training in the field.


What Type of Anesthesia Is Needed for This Type of Procedure?

Anesthesia is an integral part of any surgery, and it’s one that you should ask a plastic surgeon about. They should tell you what kind of anesthesia they’ll use for your procedure. For example, if you are getting a mini facelift procedure, you may want to ask your plastic surgeon if they’re using a local or general anesthetic. You can also ask them how much anesthetic will be used for your procedure and their specific equipment. Also, you should ask this question because the type of anesthesia used can affect how you feel during the procedure and how long you’ll be out.

What Are the Risks and Complications of This Procedure?

Every surgery has its risks, and you should review those risks with your plastic surgeon beforehand. This is a question that you should ask your surgeon because they will be able to explain everything in detail to you. If there are any concerns that they have or think something might be risky, they should let you know about it beforehand to decide whether or not to go through with it. 


Also, it’s essential to know about the complications that can occur and what to do if you experience any. Furthermore, you should also ask if there are any medications or pain killers that will be given to you after the surgery to be aware of any side effects that might occur from them.

The above is a list of questions you should ask your plastic surgeon. If you ask these questions and they are answered honestly by your plastic surgeon, you will be able to make the right decision about whether or not to undergo any procedure. Remember, if you are unsure about anything before the surgery is performed, then it is best to ask your surgeon so they can explain everything to you in detail.