Who Should Invest In A Savings Insurance Plan?

Savings Insurance Plan

Financial planning is a crucial aspect of any individual’s life. While it has many aspects, the most significant ones include insurance and savings. Life insurance helps individuals secure their family’s financial future in their absence, and a disciplined savings policy helps secure funds for future financial needs. 

While there are different types of savings plans, a savings insurance plan is regarded as one of the most affordable, beneficial and best savings plans in India.

A savings insurance plan is a comprehensive life insurance plan that provides the policyholders with a life cover for the entire policy tenure and a guaranteed return as the maturity benefit. Although it is an ideal type of life insurance plan for everyone, it is particularly important for a few categories of investors.

Individuals With Increasing Family Commitments

Family commitments increase at different stages in life. However, it can be burdensome for individuals with many dependents and not having enough members in the family to share the responsibilities. 

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Such individuals should ensure a fund to secure their family in the event of their unexpected death while also building savings for fulfilling long-term financial commitments such as paying for their child’s higher education, parents’ medical expenses, etc. 

A savings insurance plan is one of the most effective and affordable types of life insurance plans that can help such individuals manage such scenarios in a disciplined manner. 

Individuals With Personal Financial Goals

Some individuals have long-term financial goals such as pursuing higher education in a foreign university, starting a new business, planning a world tour, etc. For these individuals, saving funds regularly for the long term can be challenging, considering the family’s financial commitments. In such scenarios, the best savings plan can be a savings insurance plan, as it serves multiple purposes in a defined manner through the long term.

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In addition, life insurance providers offer customisable features to help the policyholders modify the product to their needs. 

For instance, Tata AIA Life Insurance plans provide savings insurance plans with varied payout options such as the regular stream of income, lump sum and the combination of regular income and lump sum. 

Therefore, if a policyholder is planning to start a business or go abroad for a sabbatical and desires a regular source of income for a certain period can utilise the customised savings insurance plan to fund the financial needs. 

Individuals With A Family Medical History Of A Serious Illness

If a family has a history of getting affected due to a critical illness, then every family member is highly likely to get affected due to the illness at some point in their life. If the earning member or the family’s breadwinner develops the illness, it becomes increasingly critical for the family to manage the financial inconsistencies. 

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A savings insurance plan with add-on rider benefits, such as the critical illness rider, can fund such medical expenses during the policy tenure while ensuring the life cover, and the savings can be particularly beneficial to a great extent. 

It is one of the most important benefits of a savings plan that can also help individuals utilise the benefit to pay for debt and other financial obligations while the earning member is affected and recovering from the illness. 


A savings insurance plan is a comprehensive life insurance plan that provides life insurance with savings benefits. It is an important investment product for many different categories of investors, such as individuals with huge family commitments, personal financial goals and a family history of a serious illness. The policyholders can compare the different types of savings plans, choose the best product and modify it to their financial needs. 

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