Where is Front End Development Used?

front end development

Before proceeding to consider the question of who it is, let’s remember where this term came from. Speaking of the front-end, one cannot but recall the back-end. This is very software and hardware part of the service of frontend development. Both terms are used to refer to variants of software architecture. And they appeared in software engineering due to the presence of the principle of division of responsibility. It’s between internal implementation and external representation. 

What are the responsibilities of front-end developer?

There are a lot of responsibilities, and the main among them are:

Layout using HTML and CSS. However, the layout can be performed directly. It’s not by the front-end programmer himself. It’s carried out by the designer – a specialist of a narrower profile.

Ensuring the creation of the most accessible, understandable UI and well known UX. The abbreviation UI stands for “User Interface”. It includes buttons, sliders, menus and other rendered website elements. UX stands for “User eXperience”. It assumes a systematic approach to ensuring the most convenient interaction of visitors. It’s done with the interface of the Internet portal.

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JavaScript development. All the components are created on the client side. It’s from small and simple plugins to complex functions and services. Front-end programmer must perfectly know it. The language is multi-paradigm and supports several different development styles. It is used in the creation of Internet portals around the world. Also, knowledge of related technologies such as node.js, vue.js, Angular or React will never be superfluous.A lot of startups are more open to hiring javascript experts with multiple skills and knowledge in technical skills. That’s why it can be a big advantage for developers.

Website optimization. A separate specialist is also responsible for this question. But front-end development requires a good knowledge of the basics of optimizing Internet resources. First of all, it is about creating the right structure.

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Cross-browser and responsive layout by https://fireart.studio/vue-js-development-services/. The front-end programmer must make sure that the site is beautiful, pleasant, and convenient. It’s regardless of which browser and from which device it will be viewed. Today, this part of the responsibilities of web developers is especially important. Because the abundance of browsers and, especially, gadgets with which users surf the Internet is large.

Ability to audit a site, determine directions for further development and implement them. We can talk about improving usability, optimizing the site. We can add new functions – it all depends on the current state of the resource and on the customer’s requirements.

Front-end development with practical examples

In the course of his practical activity, a front-end developer can receive from a web designer mock-ups of a future site or service, or other tasks, on the basis of which he creates the client part, performing:

  • Layout of site design, creation of templates for its future pages using HTML and CSS;
  • customizing the work of sliders, buttons, online forms and other planned functionality (a frontend development specialist either uses ready-made scripts from libraries, or creates his own);
  • Checking the work of the created functionality;
  • Optimization of scripts to speed up page loading, etc.
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Also, the frontend can advise on the implementation of this or that functionality. At the same time, unlike an ordinary layout designer who knows HTML + CSS, a frontend developer is able to program interactive elements on web pages and has a good command of the JavaScript programming language, as well as a number of other technologies.

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