What are the Different Uses of Gold


Gold is a very interesting metal. It has been used throughout history for a variety of purposes and has been coveted by people all over the world. People see it as a store of value and it rarely loses its value. You can confirm the high value of gold merely by searching the gold rate and keeping track of the prices for a week or so. Click here for more info. They see it as a gift meant for their loved ones. Beyond that, gold is used in various industries and applications. So clearly it is so valuable not only because of its intrinsic chemical properties like the inability to rust but also because it is so unique in its effectiveness to be used in so many places


Gold has been used in dentistry since 700 BC. Today, about 75% of all dental restorations (fillings) are made from high noble (at least 60% gold alloy) metals because they are biocompatible, esthetic and durable. Gold alloys are also used for crowns, fixed partial dentures (bridges), and orthodontic appliances.

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In addition to its strength and workability, gold is resistant to corrosion by saliva and other substances in the mouth. This makes it an ideal material for long-lasting dental restorations.

Industrial applications

Gold is non-toxic and therefore doesn’t pose a threat to the environment when released during production. It is also highly ductile meaning it can be drawn into thin wires or sheets without breaking or losing its ability to be stretched. This has made it useful in electronics, computers and other electrical applications such as wiring and connectors inside phone handsets, laptops and tablets. Gold also has excellent thermal conductivity properties which makes it useful as a heat shield in space technology as well as for use in cosmetics products such as hair removal waxes and permanent wave solutions.


Electrical applications

Gold is the best conductor of electricity of all metals. It is used in electrical contacts, including connectors and relays, to ensure low resistance and minimal signal loss through these connections.

Gold’s excellent connectivity also makes it an ideal material for use in computers, mobile phones and satellites. Because gold can easily be fashioned into very thin sheets (known as “gold leaf”), it is used extensively in artwork and architecture (most famously in the gilded domes of the churches and palaces of Italy).


In the aerospace industry, it’s all about survival. And gold plays a vital role in helping spacecraft survive the harsh environment of outer space. In this industry gold is used in many different ways:

  • as a lubricant in the mechanical part
  • for conducting electricity in the circuits
  • for insulation as a coating inside the spacecraft. This protects the passengers from the heat that is radiating


Gold shows affluence and owning gold shows prominence. It is one of the most recognized status symbols. Its recognition power is apparent from its heavy use in weddings to Olympics where the first prize gets a gold medal or in award ceremonies like the Oscars. This also ensures that the price of gold is always high. For instance in the marriage season you can see metrics like today’s gold rate in Gujarat or Rajasthan escalating.

Glass in buildings

Gold helps in making energy efficient glasses that could be used in multi-storey buildings. This glass reflects up to 95% of sunlight from the glass surface and reduces heat transfer into the building by up to 50%.