Toosii Lyrics – Toosii Girlfriend

Back In Blood

Gang, gang
Grrt, baow
Shiesty, that’s my dawg

Who that is beefing with gang? We turn that boy to a stain
I just turned five to a dub, turn a dub to a buck, when I go, just remember the name
VVS busting all over the chain
She wanna fuck but I know she insane
Tell that boy better stay in his lane
‘Cause these bullets be hotter than flames, look
Really, I feel like all you niggas lame, yeah
All my Glocks got switches, I could shoot these bitches with no aim
She think that she cute, I heard that pussy stank
Gang be wilding out, he pour that Wockhardt in a minute maid
Tell me how I’m broke, bitch, I been getting paid
They still smoke with roaches, I told bronem go and get the raid
All these whips, man, we been feeling like the slaves
Y’all just had a party on y’all block, huh? That’s a bitch parade
I don’t fuck with niggas, tell ’em pick a grave, yeah
We done shot up everywhere they was, they gotta live in caves
Chopper got abbreviations, get the K, yeah
Check on dude who shot at me, I bet he ain’t got shit to say
I just got a Glock off one of them dead homies that’s straight from God
That’s a [?] from the block and we done beat the odds
My bitch way too pretty, she fuck me and now she ride with rods
Tell that nigga get it back in blood, last nigga, he got robbed

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The fuck be up with niggas
It’s the big stepper, the well-known flexer, the girlfriend ass caresser
Might fuck your bitch in a Tesla, Nissan, or Honda, whatever she want

Back In Blood Lyrics

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