The Way TikTok Gained Staggering Growth In A Short Period


Are you crazy to grow your popularity on TikTok incredibly by gaining within a short span? Then no worries, here you got TikTok! It is the perfect social media platform that works effectively to grow your popularity. With 800 million active users globally, TikTok has more than two billion downloads on the App Store and Google Play store. TikTok has an impressive achievement after the launch in 2016, which now competes with similar social media platforms like Facebook(2004), Twitter(2006), and Instagram(2010). Nowadays, several businesses enter into TikTok for marketing their brands with an expanded group of potential customers. By taking this chance to perform a deep dive on the niche for the audience. Therefore, you can gain the best understanding of the platform and make as detailed a decision as possible. In this article, we will discuss the different factors on how TikTok gained popularity in a short period; they are listed below: 

1. Content – Uniqueness Makes A Special 

Several people know the TikTok platform is perfect for dance and lip-sync videos, made possible by TikTok’s large-scale music library called sounds. It licenses music from famous music tracks like Sony, Warner, and Universal Music. The method of recording such video is simple: once you choose a piece of music, it will play from your smartphone’s speaker in real-time as you record. Over the years, TikTok has updated the features, where you can add other types of content, and new TikTok users prompt to pick what they need to look at on the app. Select from different categories like baking, sports, comedy, food, DIY, animals, makeup, etc. 

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Most TikTok users will search on the For You section, which uses an algorithm to display content personalized to the user based on their previous activities. Videos showcase one at a time, and users move down to look at the upcoming videos. If posting a new video, the algorithm will display it to a small subset of users. Videos with good user engagement factors such as likes, shares, and watch time will be driving more users with relevant interests. If the process replicates itself enough times, the video goes viral. This method happens anyways depending on how many followers the creator has, which follows the TikTok algorithm that best content will work beyond. 

2. Community – Engagement & Discovery

From the basics, the primary reason why TikTok has become popular is its online community. Initially, TikTok works within 155 countries and in 75 different languages. Thus, anyone with an internet connection can connect with the TikTok community, where you can make your post go viral. Associate with the buy TikTok likes services to elevate your engagement factors on TikTok. A recent study on user engagement rates: every user invests an average of 52 minutes every day on TikTok and an average view rate of one million videos for a single day. 90% of TikTok users reach the app regularly, and 41% of the TikTok users come under the 16 to 24 years old. 

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Today TikTok’s vital community-building quality is Duet. It permits users to record themselves along with the existing videos in a split-screen type. Users can also select to use simply the audio from the original video, which aligns at the bottom of the video as the Original Sound”. Clicking on the Original Sound will connect you to the original TikTok video and every other TikTok video using the same option. It motivates the users to react, imitate, or perform along with the other TikTokers, and in this manner, it’s simple to see how fastly memes and challenges go viral on TikTok. 

Moreover, the random videos on TikTok can be downloaded and even shared on other social media platforms. The download videos will automatically consist of the TikTok logo and the username of TikTok users. It also lets users include links to their Instagram pages, YouTube channels, and Twitter profiles or accounts to make it simple for users to enhance their online presence and gain popularity. 

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3. Context – & Going Worldwide

A Chinese tech giant started TikTok, known as ByteDance. It first delivered in September 2016, as Douyin, which helped to market the video-sharing content for the social media networking service relevant to Facebook and Instagram. In November 2017, ByteDance obtained another social media platform called, which lets its users make and share 15-seconds lip-syncing videos on the social media platform. Finally, in August 2018, ByteDance released the global type of Douyin, called TikTok. One of the primary features is to grab the attention of audiences. The TikTok algorithm expands the faster counts of users who work and choose their style to engage them. 

Final Facts

TikTok is working hard to improve its popularity and gain more out of this. It is much more than a lip-syncing platform for teens now. While its demographic is still younger, its fans look to sustain within the social media platform as they age, eventually increasing the length of the fanbase. TikTok’s engagement, uniqueness, community growth, and discovery factors pave the way for the incredible growth of TikTok within a short span.