This is How You Get the Mod Components in Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 never leaves their fans unsurprised by giving them updates on the content as well as gears and weapons. Today we are going to talk about the mods that have the ability to change the gameplay. Mods are the modifiers that contain the power to change the elements you interact with.

This is done to experience the game from a different perception, plus a few tweaks in the gameplay is always fun. However, the problem is that mods in Destiny 2 are not as easily available as they were. A few days ago, you could find these mods around easily; however, recent updates have made a game more complex, and mods are not an exception.

So here we are going to discuss the three ways that still work to obtain those mods. Let’s follow along.

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Definite Ways to Grab Mods in Destiny 2

There were many methods to get the mod components; however, the updates made several of them useless. Now there are these three most effective ways that would work toward getting those mod components.

Recycle the Modification Tab

As a player, you can access your inventory section, where you will also see various mods in the Modifications tab. Now you can delete the mods you have used many times. This is because mods depreciate over time and lose their value. So when you recycle them from your inventory, they leave you with a great number of mods.

You should have mods like Paragon armor, Leviathan raid, and more since these mods leave you with amazing rewards.

Also, if you are interested in the auto rifle Duty Bound and don’t have much time to grind, you can opt for the duty bound carry. This way, you can allow the experts to play for you and get you the weapon guaranteed along with all the items of the drops.

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Play Gunsmith Bounties

If you want to gain quick access to the mod components, Gunsmith Bounties can be your ultimate solution. These are quick-to-complete bounties that players can pick up four daily. Once completed, these bounties provide you with mod components as a reward.

When you are on the way to playing these bounties, they ask you just to kill a few enemies. Also, if a player has three characters, he can do these quests many times, which bestows him with more and more mod components as a reward.

Recyle Wepons from Year 1

This is also a recycling step in which you recycle the weapons from Year 1. Recycling such weapons rewards you with mod components. However, if you have any newer weapons and recycle them, they will not give you any mod components. This also applies to the armor; they do not grant you any mod components regardless of their year.

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In easy words, you can only get components by recycling the weapons from Year 1 and falling in the legendary rank. Hence, if you are a player playing Destiny 2 for a long time or went for a break and want to try again, this method can fix the lack of mod components.

You can try playing the Gunsmith rewards among all three methods since this helps players effectively. The reason is that it allows even new players to have a chance on mod components, plus you don’t have to remove anything rare from your inventory.

However, those who have been playing for a long time and have things you won’t mind giving up, you can adapt the habit of recycling as this will be a quicker way to get the mod components.

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