The Best Accessories for Long Term Gaming

gaming accessories

Every game fan wants to spend as much time as possible at the computer, and the better devices and accessories surround him, the longer he will be able to play and get maximum pleasure.

Today we will discuss what devices and tools will help ensure long-term gaming and uninterrupted classic wow powerleveling up to 24 hours a day.

What we need:

  • Gaming chair
  • Good headset
  • Second monitor
  • Sleeve

Gaming chair

The gaming chair has long ceased to be just an advertising integration and has become a full-fledged accessory for long-term gaming. It is important not to skimp, but also not to overpay for a place in front of the computer.

What you need to pay attention to:

The chair should be made of quality materials – leather, or a good substitute for leather.

The gaming chair should have pillows to support the neck and lower back – such additional accessories will help relieve the load from the body when spending time at the computer for a long time – you can always lean back your head and relax your neck, or recline completely removing the load from the lower back and at the same time letting your eyes rest.

A nice bonus will be a wide variety of colors for the gaming chair and even the ability to order it in the colors of your favorite esports team.

Good headset

A good headset is not only about the excellent soundtrack in any game, but also the time spent in the headphones without discomfort and the desire to remove them as soon as possible so that the ears rest and stop hurting.

To choose a good gaming headset, you need to follow a few rules:


The headset must be made of quality materials – leather, or leather substitute. This will allow you not to experience discomfort during long gaming sessions. If the headset is made of cheap materials, this affects the ears – they start to sweat and even hurt with prolonged use, and we are looking for headphones for long gaming sessions.

Sound quality

The sound should be of high quality and there is plenty to choose from. There is stereo sound, 5.1, 7.1, virtual and real sound. Let’s go through each:

Stereo sound – two-way classic surround sound. Everyone has experienced this sound when using inexpensive wired earplugs. The sound is not bad, but the days of such headsets are passing, and the main reason for this is the narrow spectrum of sound transmission. For example, in competitive games, it will not be clear enough to clearly understand the exact direction of the enemy’s movement and where the battle is taking place. The main reason is the two directions of sound transmission.

5.1 is a more modern type of sound when the sound is fed from 5 different sources at different distances from the player. The sound is divided into near and far, and thanks to the software, the player more clearly understands the place and strength of outgoing sounds.

7.1 – The most modern way to transmit sound today. To provide sound accompaniment of games, 7 sound sources are used at different distances from the character. This allows you to create a reliable and correct game sound, where the player clearly distinguishes the direction and strength of shots, steps and other sounds.

7.1 is virtual – where the basis of the sound is created by the software. Of course, sometimes a completely electronic sound slips through, but in general this is excellent technology for its price for feeling all the spectrums of the game.

Real 7.1 is the best sound on the market thanks to the components, but such devices cost a lot of money. They are produced by industry giants – Sony, Sennheiser, Marshall. The sound is clear and correct, but if your budget does not allow you to buy these headphones right away, limit yourself to virtual 7.1. It will be enough for most projects, and eventually upgrade to real 7.1 sound.

Second monitor

The second monitor as an auxiliary device is needed to diversify the gaming routine. If you are regularly busy with monotonous work, or farm in a game where you don’t need your maximum attention, but only mechanical work is enough, then a second monitor will come to the rescue.

On it, you can turn on the series, movie, twitch or YouTube and enjoy the content.

Choosing a second monitor is not difficult, you need to follow a few rules:

  1.  Do not take the monitor much less, or more than the main one – it will not be comfortable.
  1.  Take a monitor with full HD, or HD extension – ideally, 1920×1080.
  1.  Take a proven company – it will have good color reproduction.
  1.  Take an IPS matrix, it is optimal in terms of price and color reproduction.

You should not choose a monitor with a high hertz rate, a good picture will be enough for you.